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Make your own houses - the battle

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A aid Rushed out into the arena before the next match took place.

He looked towerds the dozens of nobels in the crowd.

"A massive Atrues Atack fleet is heading towards us as we speak, Are satiltes have dected a massive movment, We cant sit here and bicker, Cant you fools see that? We must unite, for threats outside of this world! I will not challenge any one else! If that fleet deploys! we will fight for are alives!

we must unite!

we must!"

One by one the Delegates agreed to give up there land, and become local governers of there territory.

The United KYA Fleet consisted off


415 Fighters

49 Frigets

7 Light Cruiser

They Moved to Intercept the Atack Fleet, But only to fire if fired apon, and to make no hostile actions against them.


The Mining Vessel Raced Towards the Nebula to collect resources ETA one post

Metel Suply ( Mines gained from House La'Grange and other houses

1250 +5000Per Post

Mineral Suply

2460 +4000 Per Post (Mines Gained from House La'Grange and other houses


415 Fighters

49 Frigets

7 Light Cruiser

Building 3 Light Crusiers, Subtract 3,000 mineral, 4,500 Metel

Messege to Atrus Fleet


State your intentions in are sector.


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"For honor!" "FOR HONOR!" Screamed the last line as they charged into the House Guard, Ruthask and his men were falling back to the lines, zigzagging throughout the maze of tall buildings when a moniter came up above the city lifted by engines of some sort.

(Dune Sorry gonna edit your words a BIT, to make'em sound better)

"Imperial Sardukar Invaders, we of the House Guard order you to drop your weapons and surrender to our far superior soldiers, you serve no purpose attacking our peaceful planet. If you wish to live, and to better server your Emperor you will agree to unconditional surrender, drop your weapons and come out peacefully."

The image died out and the screen flew away through the smoke of the battle. Ruthask only laughed at this and yelled waving his fists: "We would rather die then to surrender to enemy forces fools!" And with that he waved his hand and started the retreat once more. A sudden swoosh roared throughout the skies as the ground turned black as coal. Defending bombers flew over and started carpet bombing the city below killing only a few. Though not many were killed, none of the bombers were actually hit amungst the choas and what was even worse is the defenders were smart. It was not truthfully the DEATH count but the moral of the troops they were destroying as their House Guard continued to push back the invaders ever more.

Looking at his commiunication moniter he wacthed troop movements throghout the city also, the Sardukar were not being pushed back from all directions as more continued to push towards the Capitol uncontested, the Honor guard and the defenders were well trained and smart, but they were spread out thinly. Maybe there WAS some hope left.

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The huge ships moved uncontested throughout most of their journey, but it now seemed as they finally met some resistence. Ships came from every direction, the KYA empire had found them out, ah well a surprise was a surprise but a win was all that mattered. The image and demands of why they were there replayed several times and the face dancer could only snicker to himself.

The face dancer ordered a man to send this communication to the KYA as the enemy ships finally stopped getting reinforcements, a large fleet no doubt, but no macth for the invaders. "We will destroy and kill every one of your people unless you give us your planet unconditionaly, no questions asked, you have 10 minutes to respond.."


Space crackeled as the ship appeared out of hyper drive, images of the Atretus fleet appeared on the main screen. Good, the imposter was not smart enough to start it right away, maybe hes dumb enough to fall for my plan perhaps. Then suddenly Williams noticed another fleet, the KYA Empire had gathered they're ships and were waiting for the Atretus fleet to make the first move, Williams quickly sent a transmission to the KYA.

"KYA, the man who leads that assualt is not the real Atretus Duke, he is a face dancer sent by some un-named faction. The fleet is to large for you to start a offensive on, but I have a plan, stay there and hope it works."

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As Samus Aran was viewing the slow progress of the heighliner that one of the space probes had sent her, her militairy leader, Major General Cyril Carthag, burst into her office.He was gasping,but soon regained composure.He the saluted.

"M’Lady!I am sorry for burst into here,but I have news about the homeplanet of House Atretus."

"Go on."

"M’Lady,it appears that there is a battle between the Sardaukar and the faction of House Atretus. We could use this to-"But before he could finish,Samus said,

"Send in Thazter."


"Yes.Go now."


Thazter was a Tleilaxu FaceDancer, Samus’s best.He had left the Tleilaxu after being bribed to join Samus.He was the best.He never failed.


As soon as Cyril walked into Thazter’s room,he was immediatley met with,

“What is your request?”

“The Lady needs you to do a special job.”

“She wants me to go down there,”He motioned to the homeplanet of House Atretus. “And infiltrate the Sardaukar lines.”

“How did you know?”

“I hear things.”

“Oh,you dirty little rat-”

“Watch it,buddy.”

Thazter had drawn a katana and was at Cyril’s neck in,what seemed,a mere second.

Cyril gulped quietly and looked down towards his neck.Then Thazter threw him down and went out the door.

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The KYA responded witha confirmation, Williams thanked god for letting them agree and proceded with his plan.

"Move the flagship into the fleet, in fact, right next to Terronius's ship." The man nodded and quickly scuried off to do his duty. The ship made a fast left hand turn and bolted up to speed soon arriving at the fleet.


"Sir we've got a unidentified flagship heading towards us." The face dancer rasied his eyebrow, maybe this would clench his boredom away from waiting for the KYA response.

"Is it KYA, or a aiding force?" Terronius gazed up at the ship, he knew that ship from somewhere...

"Uh no sir...Its actually...One of ours, in fact its your main flagship if I'm not mistaken." A sudden jolt of fear spread throught him, who could it be then? The image of Williams came up on the screen, he was smiling.

"I hope you don't mind if I came from some of the bloodshed m'lord, it gets so boring siting around in the Palace all day anyways." The face dancers mind raced to calcuate the current situation properly.

Could it be a trick? No, he doesn't know I'm the face dancer, but did I ever say he could come along?

"Anyways is it alright if I board your ship and wacth the oncoming battle with such a genius strategicak mastermind?" Terronius only laughed at this and smiled at the second in command.

"Ah why not, come in m'boy." It scared him, he was starting to sound like the actuall Atretus Duke, he had been in this plot for to long.

The six doors entering the Command station swished open and the face dancer went pale with fear as at least 100 fully armored Atretus House Guards came through with Williams leading.

"Will-Williams" Terronius said stuttering from shock "I don't see the need for the soldiers." Trying to crack a smile he did but one as fake as him being the Duke. Williams just laughed at this and raised his gun, which all of the soldiers were doing as they faced they're Duke.

The crew members not knowing what was going on formed a baricade around their Duke not letting anyone get to him pshicly. "I dont know what your doing, but I wont let you harm my Duke" Spoke one of the most loyal LT's House Atretus had, Williams had always looked up to the Commanding officer even when he was a child and now was no exception.

"Ah Yurlock, you have been loyal my dear friend, as you are now, but you do not see whats going on here." The LT shot a questioning glare at his Duke and then back to the 2nd in Command.

"This man" Williams went on "Is a face dancer, I found Terroniuses dead body in his study, he was victim to the treachery of some other faction. The face dancer now was utterly shookin with fear as he reliezed this damn Commander had foiled the plot, regardless the barricade was still there.

"I dont believe you Williams, and why should I?" Williams sighed, slightly lowering his weapon.

"I've been loyal for all these years, as I still am, why would I lie now?" The LT summerized this quickly and spoke out of anger: "Well maybe YOUR the treachery belonging to another faction perhaps hmm?"

Nodds were everywhere amungst the crew members.

"Be stubborn if you wish, but he is a face dancer and I have no time for this, open fire." And with that shots rang out flying into Terronius and a few soldiers who formed the barricade, they along with the fake face dancer fell dead. The whole crew went pale and looked at Williams like they were about to attack and he just muttered "Look at your Duke now."

Shooting quick glares at their fallen leader they noticed his face twiched with imagedry and turned into a almost green-pale man with a unidentied crest on his left brest. The whole crew looked down in shame and Williams was the first to break the silence.

"Get medics for all these men except the face dancer, and send the KYA this message." There was a slight reluctance as a few tears were shed by the crew, but they walked away, and did their duties.

Message to KYA:

[hide]Our plan was succesful, as obviously demonstrated, I feel though that the treachery brought upon us all was a grave thing, and I wish to ask you, how can we repay you for the face dancers treacherous moves?"[/hide]

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Mad, there is no battle between my forces and the Sardukar, I am playing the Sardukar/Emperor/Corrino, and the Aretus, so I'm being the Sardukar attacking Dune Newt, and the recent Atretus fleet movements, but I am not being attacked by the Sardukar.

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Emperor Shar'Pe Sent this messege back.


We New Somthing was odd, Being as we were in a state of nuetraility with your House.

As you surely must have noticed, Are orbital Defense fleet is lacking. We request Some Ships To use to add to are fleet.

And we hope That we can form peacefull trade relations and diplomancy with you.


Several Thousand KYA Solders were taking To the arctic Regions of KYA prime for training.

Metel Suply

2825 +5000 Per Post

Mineral Suply

2460 +8500 Per Post(Increesed due to Mineral Vessel)


415 Fighters

49 Frigets

10 Light Cruiser

A Massive Mining Out post is set up Incredibly Close to the Metel and Mineral Rich Mao Nebula

Subtract 8,500 Mineral

3,000 Metel TTC 2 posts

Constructing Ion Cannon Planetary Defense Cannon

Subtract 1,500 Mineral

3,500 Metel TTC 2 posts

Researching Lao Si Chi Mao 10% Growing at 20% per post

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For reasons unknowed, House Burninator gave a message to all the other Houses:

To all Houses,

This house has become very unstable and we had to move to another location. The war between us to everyone else is over. As for all of the old commanders are now dead. We have no more "House" itself, it is now just a planet inhabeted by us. I hope that this war will not involve us at all.

The People from

a once knowed House

[hide] This means that I will not be posting anymore. Its been fun.[/hide]

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A sudden grim realization came over Ruthask, that a retreat was dishonorable and that there was most likely nothing to retreat BACK to in the first place. Looking back he saw the House Guard not far behind and the angered faces of his fellow men at there commanders order to retreat, he made a choice.

"This is absurd...All men stand strong, draw your weapons and charge the enemy!" And with that the Sardukars scrammbeled together to form some sort of lines which to fend off the incoming attackers with. Swords drawn they began the charge towards the honor gaurd, the blood was stained in their uniforms, yet the battle had only begun.


Commander Gunaf of the Third Sardukar Division walked along side his men down the city streets, they were only a few miles away from the enemies capitol yet the Imperial soldiers had not even begun to fight. Hearing the news of Ruthasks retreat only made him more aware of the concept that the Sardukar were almost fully macthed by skill from these House guards.

The carpet bombing had happened only hours before, but it seemed not to have much effect casultie wise or moral wise at least on his men, he knew that some Sardukar must have been devastated by it. No matter, his troops marched on towards the capitol.

"Sir reports indicate that Ruthasks men stood their ground at a certain point, and are distracting most of the enemies Honor Guard in a heated battle." The Sardukar soldier flipped through more of the document but finding nothing bowed, and returned to his posistion in the line, marching ever more close.

"Armored units incoming, anti-armor men stand your ground and get ready, all others find cover!" Screamed one of his most trusted LT's, the man could seriously be a General, but from what Gunaf saw he liked it where he was as is.

A rustle of footsteps and weapons could be heard as him and his other men found vacancy in a building while the Anti-armor unit set-up waiting for the oncoming threat. The pebbles below Gunafs feet started to shake and he looked out the window to see four black, large shadowy vechicles slowly heading towards them.

Screches could be heard as the land based vechicles stopped, rockets flew into them, anhilating one instantly and damaging the other two. Machine gun fire ripped open as troops got out of back of the vechicles and started setting up posistions. More rockets fired this time taking the last two vechicles out, but not the soldiers who starting firing machine guns, nailing down three of the anti-armor unit.

"Lets get down there and help them out now!" Screamed Gunaf as he ran down the staircase with his fellow soldiers and out into the streets. Aiming he and his Sardukar soldiers started firing and nailing down the enemies. Two men fell beside him and four enemies fell. The firefight continued as the Sardukar slowly were winning. Another man fell dead beside him and tightly gripping his rifle he turned it on fully automatic and cut down the remaining attackers in a bloodshed. Waving his hands to issue a forward movement his troops jolted up and charged towards the smoking reminance of the vechicles. Once they arrived Gunaf looked down and spat on the face of a dead enemy reliezing that they were a part of the House Guard.


The Atretus ships swarmed down onto the surface, though only a small portion of the actuall fleet the Atretus felt that this was a start in a better fleet for the KYA.

2 Battle Cruisers

45 Frigates

16 Destroyers

2,000 Fighters

Once the ships were given the two factions talked about a allience, if the worse was to ever happen to either of them.

2,000 bombers

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Meanwhile,Thazter was descending at un-imaginable speeds towards Hua-Hin IX.He felt the strong pull of G-force for a few seconds,then it was over.

He was speeding towards the Sardaukar,but to the left.That way,when the crater was investigated,the inspectors,whether the Sardaukar or Honour Guard,would conclude that a rocket or missile was fired from the Honour Guard towards the Sardaukar.It was too easy.

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Message to Viceroy D'Newt;

[hide] Short range is no good. If it must be fighters we need long-range, large, heavy, powerful fighters. What can you offer? [/hide]

Message to both KYA and Atreus;

[hide] What's going on? [/hide]

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The disease seems to be much stronger then expected. More and more of the Terror Rangers are getting bad fevers, as the virus could even get through the filters of their suit...

Katarina and quite a number of her men were fine though. By what means, she don't know. Maybe their ancestors had fought alongside of against Neverwinter long ago.

She had received an invitation to Tylmar.

Message to House Neverwinter:

[hide]This is Captain Katarina of the Terror Rangers. I wish to bring alongside with me 20 of my squad leaders, is it possible? I'm also forwarding a message from The Duke, he wishes that samples of the virus and vaccine be shipped along with the next shipment. The frigate is now returning.[/hide]

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"Hmm... I didn't forsee this..." Count Neverwinter looked at the message. "Tell her that she may bring as many officials as she wants but to try and keep the number of actual fighting men as low as possible."

"Yes, M'lord."

"I need an excuse..."

Message to the Duke of the Thorians;

[hide] The frigate has arrived safely, and is being restocked as I compose this message. But I regret that I do not wish to jeopardise any Imperium citizens by sending out virus samples. Nor do I wish to be accused of trying to use chemical weapons, let alone on a Guild Heighliner. I regret that I would prefer not to send you the samples but if you press me I shall.

In regards to the innoculant, without the virus there is no need of it. However, I see that you wish to examine it. Very well. A small sample is on its way. It is a leaf extract from a pine grown only here on Tylmar, specially conditioned with tiny ammounts of melange.

I hear that your men are sickening badly, I offer the treatment again, by innoculant or hidden in their food to avoid harming honour. Do you accept? [/hide]

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Message to House Neverwinter

[hide]I understand your situation. The vaccine would be good enough as we only want to keep a record of any known virus. I've ordered Katarina to lower the number of officers, only the commanders on each of that planet and their second-in-command would come along, making a total of 6 people. They're on their way now.[/hide]

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The young Count Neverwinter stood at Tylmar spaceport, waiting. Ordinarily he would never had bothered to come this early, but he felt that for these visitors he could afford no lapse.

His open palace was some way away, and the ornithopters stood patiently outside, waiting for their passengers.

He heard the bleep at his Ixian console as the food-frigate took off, freeing the space for the frigate from Gendaarin. The frigate decended, and the Count stepped forward to welcome his guests...

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"Lets get back home people, I'm sick of space." Williams quickly issued the orders and said farewall to the KYA people, taking off into the space with the huge Atretus fleet he really wondered how close he got to starting a new war, but just shook it off in the end.

His train of thought was broken by a crew member who shattered the silence but did not even turn to face his commander.

"M'lord, were running low on resources, the face dancer moved off our planet so quickly he forgot to fully load." Williams just moaned at this, the trip had been to long already.

"Can we load back up on Thakis Prime?" The man quickly gazed over his reports and nodded. "Well as much as I hate using our allies as a fueling station I guess we have no choice...Inform them right away"

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The Sardaukar rushed into the city to meet the retreating Honour Guard. Howver they were nowhere to be seen. The place seemed like a ghost town. Then it all went red as automated sentry guns filled the air, masicarring the Sardaukar

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"Sir, we have received reports that House KYA is building up large forces and is becoming very aggressive towards us"

"I have seen this and consulted my mentat"

"We believe a quick preemptive attack would warn them"

"It will be done m'Lord"

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