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Make your own houses - the battle

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"Summon the captain of the Terror Rangers."

"Yes, my lord."

*Soon a figure clad in black power armor(the armor of the troopers in Dune 2) walks in, kneels down and took off the helmet of the armor.

"Katarina at you service, my lord."

The black figure is the captain of the Terror Rangers, a woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

"Raise yourself." said Duke Eimune, "Now I'm sure that you know of the famine, and now I've got a mission for you and your men..."

*The briefing goes on for an hour or so...*

"......your secondary objectives are to keep the cities intact, and ensure that whoever rules House Neverwinter is safe."

"How many men will I get this time?"

"15000, half a legion. In full gear(shield belt, suspensor belt, power armor, lasgun, melee weapon of choice) You'll also be given 150 combat ornis. You'll have to leave in 2 days."

Message to House Neverwinters:

We'll send a force of 15000 men and 150 combat ornis in 2 days' time. We would like to know where you would deploy our men so we can prepare accordingly.

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Message from House Neverwinter to inbound troops (that's you, ExSPlug);

[hide] We thank you for your prompt assistance, and request that you deply to our three secondary-world planets. Tylmar itself is well defended, as are all of our planets, but our attack force leaves much to be desired. We request that 5000 troops and 50 ornithopters transport to each of these locations;

Planet Fenthick II, largest continent. It's mostly jungle but there's a large military base in the centre. The continent is mostly uninhabited, but those to the North and South are populated completely.

Planet Haedreline, military complex. This is our mining world. It has few colonies but many military bases, two of which, in the North and on the equator, are fit to be reopened after abandonment. You may use either of these, keeping in mind that most of the world is desert, and should you choose the equator you must work at night, as the day temperatures outside can kill instantly.

And finally Planet Gendaarin, hradly more than a large moon but it supplies most of the food to our other planets. There is only one large military base there which you will have to share with our own forces, it is to be found on the smallest continent, surrounded by farming communities and fields.

Once and again we thank you for this reply, and ask if there is any other form of food you wish? Meat perhaps? [/hide]

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The first shipment of food supplies had arrived

on Thorin Prime.

"Be swift! Our people are starving!" shouted a worker.

As the cargos are moved out from the frigate, a squad of Terror Rangers moved in.

"Hold there. Stamp this, this and these!" commanded the squad leader.

*A few of the cargos were stamped with the royal emblem, and is carried away by the Terror Rangers*

"This is for the Duke. He wants a few cargos for the ceremony."

"I see, for these cargos right? Feel free to carry them away."

Message to House Neverwinter:

[hide]The first shipping had arrived and we're grateful for your help. Our forces would soon be on their way. It's sure good to have some meat. Once again we thank you for your help.[/hide]

OOC: The ceremony refers to the Thanking Ceremony, which is a rutial of the Thorins. It is carried out to thank someone when great help is received from them. Whatever received(be it weapons or food), would have a small amount given to The Duke, blessed by him then distributed to ones who needs them.

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Message to Thorians;

[hide] There is a complication which you should be aware of. Recently our planets suffered a disease outbreak. It is not deadly, merely rendering the victim bed-ridden with fever for a few weeks. We are immune now, as once caught immunity is genetically passed on, but you are not.

We offer you a choice, you may endure the weeks as best you can, or we can provide an innoculant for the incoming troops. It takes the form of injection or in food, your choice. Do not worry about the food we have sent, it is harmless; only people can carry the disease and every citizen here is a carrier.

We appologise for not indicating this to you before, but we had thought the disease destroyed, in fact it is merely latent. As before I urge you to remember that it is not dangerous unless the person already has a weak immune system.

Do you require more shipments?

Nicholi Neverwinter (Count). [/hide]

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The frigates are now touching the surface of the three planets.

~Gendaarin, space port~

*Incoming transmittion*

"Understood...This is Captain Katarina! Keep suits sealed until we've reached the base! Forward the message to the other 2 companies!"

"Captain! We've forwarded the message to the ones on Fenthick II, but not those on Haedreline! There is a sandstorm going out there and all transmittions are interrupted!"

"Nevermind! We'll set off now! Keep contacting Haedreline at 5 minute intervals!"

Message to House Neverwinter:

[hide]We're thankful for your reminder of the disease. The innoculation could be forgoned, as my men might take it as an disgrace, which I couldn't risk of. We would let nature do it's work. The shipment we've received would last for 2 more weeks.

Duke Eimune Thoris[/hide]

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OCC - I can play Emperor if worse comes to worse =/

It was a cold, dark night and Williams found himself stording down the corriders, many guards were wide awake trieing to find something to do. Making his way down a hallway he sooned relized this was where the Dukes private office was, and he was always there late at nights, always.

Thinking he should discuss the recent military actions once more with his Duke he arrived at the door and tapped gently. No answer, again, no answer. He thought this was very odd as the Duke was always there at nighttime. Walking away he noticed a small red dot on the floor and bent down to examine it. It was blood and by the Dukes door!

Grabbing a grenade out of his pocket he chucked it at the door and it instantly shattered making smoke go up everywhere. Running in he drew his weapon and looked around, nothing out of the ordinary. He quickly searched everywhere he could find until he opened the closet and the Dukes body slumped dead to the floor. Taken aback Williams gasped and searched for air, finding some he looked on in utter shock at his fallen leader. 'How could this possibly be? How could he have died if Williams had seen him the day before about the- A FACE DANCER!'

Running down the corrider he ran to the docking bays and opened the door to find all the ships gone. Damn the face dancer, he had moved the fleet to start the universal war, where could he find a ship? Then it hit him, he ran down the corridor and down spiral staircases finally arriving at a code locked door, wiping his gun out he blasted it and it swished open, lights brightened as he saw the ship that he could warn the fleet with, the Dukes personal battle cruiser. It was a truley breath taking ship, large with turrets every possible way, so many crew members and personal, it was amazing it flew. He hit the alarm next to the door and men ran out and immediatly got into the ship, a LT. walked up to Williams and bowed before speaking.

"Sir whats the problem?" Williams heard yells as more and more men ran into the ship.

"I'll explain it to you on the ship, have everyone ready for take off in 25 minutes, I want us fully armed by then to." The man nodded and began to look at Williams with a look of doubt. "Sir we were testing this thing for a long time and the fuels and batteries aren't at maximum right now, we don't have the power to cacth up to the other fleet, we need to make a stop." Williams shot a very bad look at the man.

"Who said anything about the other fleet?" The man went stiff as a bone.

"Well-well...If so much of our fleets gone I could only expect..." Williams raised his eyebrow and took a deep breath just waving it off.

"Get ready to go, I'll get us that damn pit stop."


[hide] This is Duke Williams of House Atretus, I demand a full force of men waiting on your surface to refuel and repower my flagship, its a giagantic ship so be ready. Zamzarr do not ask questions there is no time, the fate of House Atretus hangs in the balance.


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[hide] Atreus............this is Zamzarrien command, we will be ready for you. But the only place we have the facilities to refuel your command ship is in the death zone as we call it. That is where our Battle cruiser launch bays are. Our cruisers are among the largest so we had to have a seperate facility. We placed them there because our ships have a strong shielding and can survive in those conditions. Strong winds and great blizzards roam at all times. visibility is almost none and huge chunks of ice fall at great speed. If you activate your shielding you will be fine. It might be a rough ride but thats all. Here are the cowardanance. We will be ready for you friends. We will contact our patrol ships and tell them that you are comming. We will refuel you ship and will have extra supplies ready. we will talk more when you arive......Command out....[/hide]

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"Sir we're approaching Thrackes Prime" the image of the desolant ice planet appeared on the moniters before them.

"Location 4067, power shields up to maximum." Williams said looking at this allied planet he had never traveled to before.

"Shields up to maximum." There was a sudden pause as a cresendoing noise could be heard and the shields went up. "Sir the shields are at full but because of the low resources total on the ship there on about 6% of they're maximum."

Williams nodded at this. "Push thrusters to max and dive in." Service people nodded and the ship tok a sudden plung down to the surface below, entering the automosphere they got intangeled in a large amount of fog. "ETA Five minutes." Williams nodded at this and suddenly the ship shook.

"Sir we've been hit by a large ice like object! Theres more theres more incoming!" Several dezens more thuds echoed throughout the ship as more and more objects collided with the shields.

"SIR WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO SUSTAIN THIS MAGNITUDE OF HITS FOR LONG!" Williams gripped his command chair tight as the ship plunged closer to their destination.

"Eta 3 minutes." More thuds echoed throughout the hull as more ice objects hit the already weakly powered shielding.

"Shields down to 45%, sir we just dont have the power to put our sheilds to max, and this damn cloud cover, we cant even see anything to shoot at!" More thuds

"Shields down to 35%!" More thuds..."ETA 1 MINUTE THIRTY SECONDS!" The ship creeked as the hailstorm of ice continued. "SHIELDS 15%!" "1 minute in counting!"

More thuds echoed throughout the ship.

"Fire into the damn cloud cover, kill as many of the things as possible!" Williams screamed over the panic.

"ETA 30 SECONDS!" More thuds, "Shields 7%!" Thud, thud, thud.

"Shields 3 percent!" And then the hailstorm stopped and so did the cloud cover as the Zamzarr base appeared and a clam voice echoed throughout the ship.

"Welcome to our planet, Atretus."

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You may play the Emperor if you want.


"Sir, we have detected 3 Imperial Frigates Each holding 5 legions of Sardaukar"

"What? Why was I not notified before?"

"They have only just appeared on our sensors. They have just entered our atmosphere."

"Scramble all available planes to intercept and get all our Honour Guard ready to fight"

The three Frigates swooped down over the largest Island of Hua Hin IX. However, they met stiff opposition form the expert pilots who managed to gun down two Frigates and cripple the other.

The last Frigate had to force land but 5 legions were still more than a mach for the Land Army of House Hua Hin

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EDIT: (OCC- I'll be Emperor then)

Though many of his fellow soldiers had fallen before they even touched the ground of there enemy Command Ruthask of the 5th Division Sardukar legion regreted nothing as his forces stomped through the city virtualy uncontested. Civilians screamed and ran in all directions as the legions moved in from every direction thorugh the cities crammed back with tall, technological buildings.

"Sir we should arrive at the Palace within 10 minutes, thats where I presume will be the most resistence as I hear these people have a well trained House Guard."

Not even bothering to turn to face the speaker Ruthask just nodded and kept his eye on the roads ahead. This was just another faceless military campaign for him and it mattered not where he arrived, the same goal arose everytime Kill your enemy, show no mercy as you will recieve absolutly none. Fight for honor and die for your Emperor, there can be no retreat.

The same word was screamed throughout the ranks of the Sardukar "Ambushhhhhh!" and every one ran for cover, ahead were lines of enemy soldiers coming from every direction. Activating their shields and quickly grabbing bladed weapons they charged the Sardukar who were lined up and ready for the oncoming attack.So it begins Ruthask thought to himself as a man charged him and there blades clashed.


"Cut down the power to the fleets engines and everyone get some sleep, except the night shift of course." The face dancer chuckeled at this but no one else found this humerous as they lumped back to their sleeping corridors, it had been a long two days. The Atretus were still decieved by his trick and the fleet moved ever closer to there goal, soon the Imperium would feel they're wrath.

"At this speed eight days left until our fleet arrives, I doubt we would want to push the power on the engines much more as we will still want enough power to pose a threat to the enemies m'lord." A advisor stood next to him reading off stats from a message tablet he held in his hands, he to looked tired but showed mentioned nothing of it. These Atretus are well trained no doubt, but I must not let my sympathey take over, I must complete my goal for my House. The man bowed and departed to engineering, he was hoping that the advisor had not picked up on him not being the real Duke, as he did no one else would either.


The large, Imperial cruiser came down slowly onto a designated landing zone where there was seemingly a army of units and men ready to help there allies...

Edit everything in a bit...

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In her office on TerraII,Samus Aran sat pondering.Her people were not warriors.They were farmers and workers,despite Samus's own background as a bounty hunter.Only the small group of 200,000 was at her disposal.But then...there were Metroids.The Metroids destroyed armies.The Metroids kept peace on her planet.But now war had erupted on OTHER worlds,not Samus's.And it wasn't her decision whether to start a war or not.So she had no choice;She had to send in the Metroids,or die.

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"They have refused the innoculation on the grounds of honour, M'Lord." Count Neverwinter's new Mentat held out the message.

"I know, I know. I do have a spy network you know." The Count flapped his hand in irritation. "What bothers me is that we'll have to look after 15000 invalids on three different planets for the next two and a half weeks! And there is that other matter..." He drummed his fingers on the wodden desk.

"Shall it be done the second way?" The Mentat asked nervously, remembering what was rumoured to have happened to Kawall.

"Yes, but make it immediate. I don't want any suspicions hanging around once they're up and well. Make sure all the food they recieve while ill is in broth or liquid form, solids won't take it and they won't want solids. Not until the they recover that is."

"Yes, M'lord."

"And the capsules are to be absolutely unbreakable, understood?"

"Yes, M'lord."

"Oh, and I hear that Gendaarin is welcoming the captain of the fleet?"

"That is correct, M'lord."

"Of course it is. Invite her to Tylmar for a discussion, perhaps a banquet, if she manages to avoid the Hot Fevers for a few days."

"It shall be done."

"Yes. Everything on Fenthick II seems to be alright, no problems on the jungle world and my spies tell me that everyone is behaving nicely. But on Haedreline..."

"The military world is suffering high winds where the ships are to touch down, M'lord. Communication is next to impossible, even on Haedreline itself."

"Have some teams of medics stand by to leave, just in case some of the cases turn serious."

"Yes, M'lord."

"And ready another shipment to leave in two weeks time."

"Er... there we have a problem."

"Problem?" Count Nicholi started in his chair, "what kind of problem?"

"We can't ready another shipment until the next one returns, we don't have the resources. It'll be two weeks before another one leaves here, let alone the time taken in transit."

"Communicate this to the Thorians."

"Yes, M'lord."

"You say that a lot, don't you?"

"Yes, M'lord."

Message to Viceroy D'Newt;

[hide] The Emperor seems to be... distracted. We have secured for you cheaper Guild transport fees in thanks for the fighters, now dispersed around our system. House Atreus also appears to have forgotton us, and therefore we offer to you twenty stoneburners in trade. What would you trade with us for this?

Regards, Count Neverwinter. [/hide]

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Viceroy D'Newt was in a dillema these Sardaukar were much stronger than expected however he decsided to deploy his elite Honour Guard - this had its risks however as if an enemy decided to attack now it could be fatal however.

The Hponour guard ripped through the outer Sardaukar defences but met stiff resistance at the centre by a group of determined fighters led by Burseg Ruthask

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"Come In General." Shar Pa Said hearing the Generals Distinctive foot steps from Down the Coridor.

The Gaurds Out side Let the General In, There Blue And Yellow Dress Uniforms Slightly reflective off the Over head Glow Globes.

Shar Pa was Cleaning his fingernails with a Kindja Blade he paied no atention to General Aio.

General Aio was ageing, he was in his mid 60's his Short Crew cut hair and Straight Sqaure face resembeld that of a Jar. He had numerous Scars of his body as he has served Shar Pa and his father for many a years.

His Chest was Filled With Commendations and Medels, The Four Swords on each shoulder shown that he was the highest ranking Military KYA Military General.

"What is it General?" Shar Pa asked.

"Sir, You have been challenged by Kanly by the Duke of La'Grange, Numerous other Houses have also challenged you. They do not belive House KYA should have the right to rule as Imperail House of KYA prime, and they may perhaps use military force if needed."

(note: KYA prime has many differnt Sub houses on it, KYA prime is rulled by a Imperail House, The KYA have just recently taken over, So by houses i ment on KYA prime)

Shar'Pa Droped the dagger into his left hand and threw it towards the General. It missed by several Inchs of his ear.

The General Didnt Flinch.

"Tell Them I will Accept there challenge of Kanly, But tell them that why we are sitting here bickering withen ourselvs, Cutting are arms and legs off, Other Factions are growing in Military Prowness and will see are weakness and Pounce on us like a tiger pounces on a sick Gazzel." Shar'Pa said with fire in his eyes.

"Yes My Lord. There is another matter however." The General Said.

"What is it?" Shar'Pa asked Agitated

"The other Factions sir, We cant stay Nuetral for ever Sire. We must Pick allies, Or we will be caught in the cross fire."

"Cross fire you say? We are Near the Mao Nebula thats no whare near anything, The only Thing We have to trade is Rich Metel and Minerals that exist in and around it, And we cant harvest them becouse it would crack are already simplterd Goverment. We have a very small defense fleet as it is corect General?"

"Yes My Lord We do, But our ship yards are producing vessels at a very rapid rate."

"It dose not matter how quickly we produce, As long as we have only a small fleet, a few destroyers and cruisers could mop us clean. We must Continue to Try to Form a strong centeral goverment, Train More forces. And collect Resources to stand a chance."

"Yes My Lord." Said the General Dissapointed.

"In fact, Send a Messege to all factions Declaring are nuetrality in the current matter." Shar' Pa Said nodding his head

"Yes My lord."


Metel Suply

600 +1050 Per Post

Mineral Suply

860 +900 Per Post


62 Fighters

9 Frigets

1 Light Cruiser

Building Friget TTC one post.

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C'mon D'Newt, I'm waiting for a reply! ;D

Oh yeah I forgot.

Message to House Neverwinter:

[hide]AS we are alliews simply name what you would like and we will try to give it to you as we have our sources


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VERY VERY SECRET message to Viceroy D'Newt;

[hide] In that case... we make it thirty stoneburners. We request 18,000 men to deploy around our planets. You may name your additional price to the stoneburners, as we realise that the request is high. We have a loose alliance with the Thorians, but we do not trust them, and this is part of our 'insurance policy.'

If you are unable to meet our need then please make your own offer. [/hide]

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Shar'Pa Sized Up his Oppennet

Joshephet La'Grange,Duke of La'Grange Stood Before him

House La'Grange had been a Allie of house Vol'um in the early days of House KYA and House Volum War, but backed out once the imperails steped in.

Yet They still held there hate and anger at the KYA.

Both Men had Chosen There weapons of Choise, Both had Selected a Large Arm shield and Short Sword.

"Do you Pledge to surender House La'Grange if you lose this duel?"

"I do. Do you pledge to surender House KYA as the Ruling Imperail House if you lose?" Joshephet said with Spite.

"I do."

The Deul begain both of the men begain circling each other. Swords up in the air. Shar'Pa was Left handed, La'Grange was right.

"You will pay for the destruction of the Imperail House child." He said at Shar'Pa

La'Grange Lunged Bringing his Sword Down on Shar'Pa's right shoulder.

He blocked it with his shield and cut towards La'Grange's knees. La'Grange Met his blade with his shield, And his blade came around for a round strike at Shar'Pa's left.

Shar'Pa Rolled to the right, La'Grange's weapon passing harmlessly through the air.

Shar'Pa cut Across both of La'Grange's Achiles Tendons.

La'Grange fell to his knees instantly, And Screeched in pain.

Shar'Pa Stood behind La'Grange and Swept Down with his sword, Decaptitating him.

He Stood Awaiting for the next Challenger.


Metel Suply ( Mines gained from House La'Grange

750 +1550 Per Post

Mineral Suply

1460 +1500 Per Post (Mines Gained from House La'Grange


62 Fighters

10 Frigets

1 Light Cruiser

Building Long Mining Vessel

Subtract 1,000 Mineral and 1,500 Metel TTC 1 post

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Message to Viceroy D'Newt;

[hide] We already have a sophisticated defense system, including satalites. If not men, what can you offer in the realm of attack, rather than defense? [/hide]

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The swords clashed as the desperate Honor Guard ran into the Sardukar lines, blades drawn. How did they get this damn good Ruthask quickly pared right and dug his sword into the one enemies flesh. Unfortunaly, things were not looking so great for the other Sardukar, these guards knew how to fight. Pity, some of these enemies could of made fine Sardukar LT's, or even better.

Things were getting desperate now as more and more Honor gaurds appeared, weapons drawn and charging the lines of Sardukar. The men were not better trained, but they were in such a close range that the Sardukar were soon reliezing this battle needed something done and done fast.

"All men fall back to Sector Ab679" screamed Ruthask over the battle cries, all the men started falling back except for the ones at the front who would die to let they're comrades retreat uncontested.vThis is not going as planned, victory may not be withen reach for us this time.


Large shadows are cast across a KYA moon as the Atretus fleet moves ever closer to they're target, led by the face dancer assisian. Fools, the war will be the Atretus fault now, the face dancer clenched the command chair tightly as the fleet was only a few hours from there goal, the attack on the KYA Empire...


"Prepare to activate full hyper drive, all engines to max, take power away from offensive weaponary and transfer it to the engines, we must get there in time!" Men hurried about everywhere screaming commands as the flagship was about to jump into travel to arrive dead-on with the main fleet, Williams could only hope this plan would work...

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