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Make your own houses - the battle

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"M'lord, we have more news that planet after planet is building up their war machines, soon the universe will be gulped up into war, we must build up ourselves."

Terronius turned around to gaze down the large oak table where all his advisors sat, wiating to take control at his slightest wimb.

"We have always been a peaceful planet, we have vast production facilities not macthed by any other form of goverment I know of. Many know this, but WHY would they attack us then knowing what we could produce? I am not trying to dismiss your ideas, you after are advisors, but you must also look at this with both eyes open, I dont want a war, nor do my people."

One man cleared his throat, though he hadn't spoken much at all the meeting he looked like he was digesting any information possible.

"M'lord, let me make this frank, its not what you WISH, its what we have to do, a surprise attack of enemy legions would take any planet over we have, except the home planet. We can just not distribute our forces evenly to pose a defensive threat to the enemy with 14 planets."

All the advisors murmured agreements and turned to face their leader with demanding faces though they were to scared to fully speak what they wished to.

"Hmm, perhaps you are right, but how would my people react to this cold war state?" The same advisor who had spoken before stood up. "M'lord, your people follow you." Thinking for a second the Duke finally ingested all the information.

"Fine, let the cold war begin."

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On the water world of Hua Hin IX, the Viceroy sat pondering. His house led the field in amny branches of technologl and he hoped that his recently begun reign would be peaceful and prosperus, yet something disturbed him. One of their amny spies claimed that House Atretus was building aup a force whcih could assualt the Hua Hin system. This was worrying indeed

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"My people!" Cheers echoed from the vast amounts of soldiers below. Waiting for the cheers noise to go down Terronius thought one last time bout what he was about to do A universal war, it begins, we must be ready. Finally, the noise died down and the soldiers below the Castle on the hilly ground waited anxiously for what their leader was about to say.

"Today my people, we are threatened with the prospect of universal war, and we must be ready for whatever may happen." All was silent and he could tell he needed more of a convincing subject to get his people to fully grasp his idea.

"We cannot let our people be cut down by enemy machine gun and laser fire, our cities be bombed, and our once peaceful Empire to be destroyed at the hands of some faceless enemy, today we must prepare for the inevitable. I despise war as much as you all do." Sudden images of planets being destroyed, civilians running in fear as enemies swooped down upon them glowed from a moniter behind Terronius and his people gasped in shock.

"These are just a few images of the absolute horror brought up other empires in the recent months, the Imperium is falling apart and we must stand together. With this said, I am issueing a mandotory draft for all healthly people between the age of 18-25 in the next five months, and within a year I wish to have our military soldier force climb by several tens of billions, our factories must stop producing un-needed goods and start producing, tanks, battleships, and all other weapons of war. We have no choice my people but to prepare for war, though we will not start it it will hit us weather we like it or not, so we must be prepared."

And with that Terronius walked from the balcony he was giving his speech from back into his room. There were only a few claps in the distence. My people were not ready for this, but I had no time to slowly spring it onto them. God help us all, I wish not war but I see no other choice. I will stay nuetrel as long as I can, god wacth over us all, god wacth over us all...


Just as he was walking over to his bed the door busted open and bolted in Williams, the tall, strong, blond haired warrior that always wacthed over everyone eleses action like a hawk, behind him were five house gaurds and a man wearing a uniform Terronius could not recognize.

"Sir we found this spy stalking around our facilities." Terronius nodded and gazed towards the man oddly.

"Who are you spy and who do you represent?"

(OCC Dune can this be your spy, makes the story go a little bit better, but, of course, if you wish it not to be I'll glady edit it. But if you do agree you have to take control of what he says, he is after all, your spy.)

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Deep in the holy cave of fire is were Dragon held his meeting with his advisors. His old age left the house Dragoon vulnerable to an attack.

Trogdor told him this in saying," Master, you need to make a new aprentis for the throne." He replyed," I have no one else to take over. The Guild now about our weakness and may tell another house about it. We may be no more." Tragdor," Dont talk like that! We could try to make an agreement with the nearest house and become one." The others agree with this statement.

Out side, a spy was lerking around and found out about this new information. As he headed for a ship, he was caught and questioned very harshly. He killed himself before any good information was given.

Dragon thought to himself, a war like no other will happen. I hope we will not have to be in it.

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The aqua colored hangers screeched open as men ran about in a frenzy. A roar could be heard as five class A battle cruisers hovered out of the hanger as Terronius, and his advisors wacth.

"This is want you want huh?" Terronius said snickering at his advisors. They all stood silent and glued onto the new battle cruisers and fighters that flew about and soon would join the fleets.

One advisor moved out of the croud, the brave one of the bunch Terronius thought. "M'lord, we cannot sustain enough of a mineral flow to max oout our facilities on our planets, thus I am suggesting Operation Overmath, it calls for a series of 650 mines to be captured and heavily guarded to help supply or war efforts, the choice if of course yours, but I feel you know what to do." Sudden rage overtook Teronius.

"Fools! We are not here for war, we will stay nuetrel as long as we can in ANY conflicts! All you want is war, death and blood, you will single handedly be the death of our Empire!" The advisor stepped back into his croud. A louder roar could be heard as the battle cruisers shoot up into space along with the new fighter escort. Walking over he leaned against a rail and took in a deep breath.

"Do it...Do the damn operation, and do it quick, lets get this Imperilism stage over with...And send the Imperium this message."

Message To The Imperium:

As you may know, House Atretus has gone into a large production. This is to build our war machine up, as you may know he have vast mineral deposits along with facalities. But with this, you must all be aware of the simple fact this is for DEFENSE, we are not hindered by the hand of Imperilism and we wish not war, but seeing as the current Imperium situation grows darker every day we are doing as most of you are, and thus, we feel no need for a alarm.

- Terronius, Iron Fist Of Atretus.

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"I am a Corporal of the House Dragoon army - this is all you willget out of me Atretus scum"


Meanwhile on the peaceful planet of Hua Hin IX devence preparations ere being made. Defences were concentrated on the homeplanet with a defencive network around its 3 moons

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House Neverwinter of Tylmar looks up from it's economic slump Thinks Viscount Neverwinter as he sits in the big chair, rocking right and left. This war could be a disaster if we get involved. Of course there's no reason why we should but there's always the possibility of attack... It's all very worrying.

And outside his office, the Viscount's son stalks around the room in a pacing pattern that he has used since he was thirteen and first invited into the head office. Finally, he turns to chief Mentat Kawaal.

"My father cannot handle this threat Kawaal!" He fumes, "Let me take control, I'm a swordmaster, I can do this!" Kawaal remains emotionless. The Swordmaster flings himself around and resumes pacing.

"We have to find an ally..." He mutters, "Someone strong, someone who can help us out of this...this pit!"

"Our economic difficulties have been with us for decades, M'lord." Kawall intones, "If you remember, it was your grandfather Jahoa who made an attempt on the life of the P-"

"Yes, yes, I know all that!" The Swordmaster growls. "What bothers me is that I'm the only one capable of rescuing us and nobody listens to me!"

"Your opinions are valued-"

"Shut up." The Swordmaster continues to stride around the office. He glares at the door with a face of thunder. And them leaves.

Secret message from Swordmaster Nicholi Neverwinter;

To house Atreus, and anyone else who is interested. House Neverwinter is small and our annual payment to the Imperial coffers drains our economic resources. I am willing to change this. Ally with House Neverwinter, give us the military aid to resist, and we shall provide fuel and cash for any efforts you have. Other trade is also an option.

I await your reply.

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"We have trained more forces on each moon," Trogdor told Dragon. "The guild has no intention of helping us out. But I sent out advisors to the other houses in out system and told them about our situation. They have agreed to sent help for defense only."

Meanwile, on the largest and farthest moon, the general said to his comanders,"Our trainers are getting tired and the funding for our ships is almost out, we might have to owe the guild for shipment..." Quickly the comanders interrupeted saying,"Whatever we do, dont tell Dragon!" They all agreed.

Dragon was with Trogdor disscusing battle plans. "I ordered 20 scouts to visit the other great houses and find out what is going on with them," Dragon said. "I hear that some of them are going through the same thing we are. This war might wipe out the intire universe." Trogdor said without hesitation,"Maybe we can propose a treaty with another great house like we disscused in the meating. You never gave a good responce." "It might come down to that. But we cant do it now because they will think that we are weak. And we cant do it during the war because they will think that we will stab them in the back." "Then what should we do?" asked Trogdor. "We wait. Thats all we can do."

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"Sir we are quickly becoming a universal super power, soon we will be unstoppable." Spoke one of his advisors who stalked in the shadows behind Terronius as he gazed down at the working crew. Black figures flew around frantickly below tending to the machines which built the Empire Terronius controled with iron fist. Terronius spun around at this comment.

"Unstotable against WHAT Advisor?" The man walked up next to his leader and spoke without even turning gaze to him.

"Why the forces that will attack us, we shall shoove them back, and rumage through their lands uncontested." The man laughed and Terronius reached into his pocket. The man gasped and fell dead, under Terronius arm was a small hand gun.

"God, does everyone just want war."

"Yes they do, the situation in the Imperium is getting worse every day, and you must be prepared to lead your forces if worse comes to worse." A shadowy figure merged from withen the shadows, it was Williams, second in command.

"Williams my dear friend, you will lead the forces if worse comes to worse. But NEVER forget we are here to be the universal peace keeper rather then the universal warmonger." The man chuckeled at this and put his hand on his friends shoulder as his spirit climbed.

"Cheer up my friend, everyon has jobs, and hell who is going to want to attack us." Terronius just snickered at this.

"I most leave to wacth over the production of the fighter production, dont be so depressed, your people follow you." And with that the man disappeared once more into the shadows.

The Dragoon armies await for war, fouls, why must they give us a negitive attitude, do they just wish for war. Ah well, inevitablility is inevitability.

Message To Neverwinter Of Tylmar:

[hide]We are grateful for your offer and we are willing to set up trade in a attempt to better help out people and our Empire. We will set up the route at once.[/hide]

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"Damnable cold, yo Scott where the hell are these guys anyways?" A tall black figure waved his hands up into the air "How the hell am I supposed to know?" The winds howled and snow flew over them covering the lands with even more, dull white.

"If they dont get here soon I'm gonna-" a howl even louder then the wind overtook them and a giant black shadow hovering admist the sky came into view. It decended more and more.

"Shit get to the ship get to the ship!" Crew members yelled in a panic as the black shadw decended more and more.

"Theres no time, crew members ready weapons!" Echoes could be heard as weapons cocked loaded. The ship came down and hovered ten feet above the ground and finally landing gear came down. A giant thud echoed as the box-like craft set foot on the ground. The guns aimed towards the doors as they slid open and shadowy figures emerged with heavy weaponary. Scott aimed his gun ready for the order, he grit his teeth together as the figures got closer. Then as everyone was readying to pull the trigger on their laser weapons a loud male voice roared over the storms intensity.

"House Atretus, welcome to our planet, sorry for the delay and well....I hope your not to cold."

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The soldiers from Atreus lowered there weapons. One screamed , "Its them".

Commander James stepped forward to greet the travelers. As I said I hope you were not too uncomfortable out here. Its quite chilly without the proper suit. Please join us in our cargo bay. *The commander sais something into the radio and the loading bay door opens). The two trade technology and supplies and then load onto there ships.

Also take these suits, James sais. Yours are good too but well these are desighned for our climate. You will find its not as bad.

If you have some spare time you can follow us back to the compound and we could have some food and drink. And you can explaine this entire war that is brewing. We usually keep to ourselfs and havent heard much about it.

The leader of the Atreus forces agree that they could do with some food and also agree to tell them about the war and what is going on. The two ships lift off.

"Follow us its not too far".

The two ships disapear into the snow as they zoom off tword the compound.

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The leader Scott Smith sat at a brown table, on the other end was their trades leader.

"Anyhow the Imperium feels the need to build up mass war weapons, a new war is about to begin, and unfortunaly our Empire is massing our war machine to. Here are some documents containing more information on the subject, now I must leave, for the food and drink was good and I thank you for the hospitality but my carrier circles over here waiting for me to board withen the hour, thank you again, old allies."


Terronius burst out in laughter.

"Oh I do find this funny, you build all these damnable war ships and you actually LOST COUNT f the numbers." One of the advisors looked shamefully down upon the ground.

"Well you fool, get me the damnable ship numbers."

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The famine is getting worst.

"We have great soldiers which shows no fear in combat, great ships which could destory anything in ablink of eye, but...damn! We're getting defeated by a famine!?" Shouted Duke Eimune on his throne.

"My lord, we could start a war! Sack and pillge the planet, enslave their population for our house to produce food!" suggested a senator.

"Wait! My lord! Waging a war in such situations would only make matters worst! Hungry soldiers can't fight!" said another senator.

"So what can I do!"

"My lord, I suggest we start a trade with House Neverwinter."

"Trade is just an act of weakness! We are Thorians! We never trade! We get what we want, and destory anything in the way!"

The arguement is getting more intense...

"Enough! I announce that the citizens of Thoris be drafted!"

"But...but my lord..."

"And contact House Neverwinter! Discuss with them the terms of trade!"

Message to House Neverwinter of Tylmar:

[hide]We are intrested in your offer. We want import of foodstuff. In exchange we would provide military aid. To prevent unwanted disputes, we also request that our forces to be the only military force from outside stationed on your planet.[/hide]

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To House Neverwinter:

[hide]We are interested in your proposal. We can give you over 5,000 short range fighters, which will be unmarked. If you succeed in resisting the Emperor we may offer more assistance,

Viceroy Du'Newt


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A messenger appears in the Major Garbage Room, aka MGR. "My baron, all the houses are becoming strangely active lately, have you noticed?"

"I have, my dear friend, and i've taken preparations, in fact, i'm starting my own campaign now."

Opens comlink

"Lieutenant T. Rashcan?, it's time to go, launch the Mothercan."

"Aye aye, sir. Firing up the engines now."

The Baron speaks:

"Now, let's see what all those busy bees are doing, cuz i don't like the stench of this"

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Meanwhile on Thrackes Prime............

M'lord we have desided to meet about the rising conflict. After reviewing the reports and documents given to us by House Atreus, it seems that war is eminant.

Lord Xavier: It is simple we will remain neutral until a threat is determened. If House Atreus requests our help we will most definatally join their side. There enemys will be our enemys. We have plenty of men and war supplies.

Advisor: M'lord but it would not be wise to wait for an attack to be thrown at us. What if we are attacked?

Lord Xavier: Think of it this way........We are a sleeping lion, if bothered that lion will arise and unleash unbelievable force on whomever stured it up.....

Relay our status to Duke Terronius. Encoded. And relay this message aswell ***%%#%^%$^#%3635675676,

ew dnats ydaer.............

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"Sir here are what you asked for." A servant handed Terronius a document, bowed, and quickly departed off into the distence. The roars of machinery work echoed throughout the hanger as men continued to work on the ships below.

It was from the chief engineer:

"M'lord here are the new ships that have come out in the last three weeks as you asked for. Many of our production facilities have not been turned on for battle mode but I will of course, turn them into the mode at your request. NEW SHIPS:

56 flag ships

34 battle cruisers

453 cruisers

23,000 fighters

21,000 bombers

567 destroyers

3 Imperial class battle ships

Soldiers Trained: 3,667,677,567

Terronius flipped through the statistics and threw them into a fire below. He walked back and called for his transport to take him home..


Once he arrived at his castle and entered in his room he through his clothes off, swicthed them and played some soft classical music. It had been a hard day and he lumped towards his bed. About ready to turn off the lights he heard the wind howl and noticed the windows facing the sea were open. Odd he thought to himself as he walked over and closed them, yawning he moved over to his bed but was stopped in his tracks.

"Hello Commander Terronius." Terronius slowly turned in utter shock to see something or SOMETHING that looked exackly like him.

"What are you, WHO ARE YOU?" The imposter just chuckeled to himself.

"Why I am your fate." Reaching he grabbed a sword and charged the leader. He swung nailing down the railing of the bed as Terronius quickly moved with lightning speed and grabed a sword. The two lunged at each other and the swords clashed together. The imposter did a back flip and Terrnius followed swinging his sword, the two blades clashed once more, and they both fell back to the oppisite ends of the room.

The two made one final lung at each other and in a flash of movement one body hit the floor dead...

The Next Day:

"Send Williams in." The doors opened as second in command Williams walked in fully dressed and armored.

"Hello m'lord." Bowing the man stood but Terronius waved a hand for him to sit down. "What is the reason you demanding my presense if you did not mind me asking sir?" The leader just laughed and put his feet up on his oak table.

"Why m'boy I sent my full fleet in attack mode, as we speak the fleet moves in on our enemies." Williams jolted out of his seat.

"YOUR STARTING THE WAR?!?!?" Terronius waved for him to sit down as he did, reluctantly.

"My opinion is, the war will be started, why dont we get a place in history and start it ourselves?"


A incredibly large fleet consisting of:

175 battle cruisers

600 destroyers

550 cruisers

25,000 fighters

22,000 bombers

3,500,500,500 soldiers

Moves uncontested...

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"So you say that it has begun" said Dragon to a spy. "Go get Trogdor, I must meat with him".

"As you wish" he responded.

Meanwile, the other minor houses in the system are at war with each other for no reason at all.

Trogdor entered. "You summoned me?"

"Yes. I need to talk to you about the treaty with the other houses."

"But their all fighting each other." He responed.

"Not them you fool. The Great Houses. I cant go on much longer. I need you to enshure me that you will sent a treaty. I will read it befor you send it off."

"But how am..."

"Dont interupt me!" Dragon yelled. "If I disagree with what you wrote I will right one myself. Do you understand!?"

"Yes sir." He mumbled.


To All Houses,

I am sending this to you on behalf of my master Dragon. We wish to join forces with anyone of you. If you do not wish to join, so be it. It will Be your loss.

-Trogdor second in comand

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After Trogdor sent it, he reported back to Dragon.

"Well are you finished with the treaty? Let me see it."

Trogdor gives it to him.


"I don't like it." Dragon says.

"What do you mean that you don't like it?" says with strong tone.

"That's what I said and what's with the tone!?"

"Well if you want to change it, its to late. I already sent it."

"You are disobeying my orders commander. And just for that, you are going to our 7th moon." yells "GUARDS!"

No one responds.

"Save your breath old man. I'm sending you with some your loyal guards to planet of Hua Hin IX. If they are going to kill you, so be it. I am the new leader of House Burninator."

"If you do this I will come back stronger than ever with another house to help me defeat you."

He is shiped out. He awaits to land on the planet wile Trogdor increaces his army.

Dragon thinks to himself,"I will be back and I hope the other Houses know that I am innocent. God help me."

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Xavier: This is very strange behavior Terronius is showing. I have know him for many years and he always has been one for peace before war. I never though he would make the first move. Mentat, get in contact with Atreus Command and get me a hold of Terronius.

Mentat: As you wish M'lord.

*Mentat exits Lord Xavier's office.

Xavier: (*goes on intercom) Security....

Security: Yes sir is everything ok?

Xavier: Yes Yes fine, Get James to my office.

Security Station: Immiditally sir!

*2 minutes later Commander James knocks on the huge metal door.

Come in. sais Xavier.

You wanted to see me sir? said James.

Xavier: Yes considering the reports I have gotten I want you and Ramsey to take a Scorpion scout ship and confirm that the Atreusian fleet is really there. I just want to be sure it is true. Dont be seen. Stay in stealth mode and get intel on how many ships, what types and what direction they are headed.

Sir I believe it would be more logical for me to take a Battle Cruiser. If we run into any trouble. I can't defend myself in a Scorpion.

Xavier: Your not going into battle so why take a battle cruiser. Its no where near as fast considering the size. Its not nessary. Go now! get your intel and return to me with a report.

As you command M'lord.

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"Excellent, excellent..." Nicholi Neverwinter grinned unpleasently at the messages he read. Then he turned around and casually disembowled the messenger. The man's body slumped to the floor, and Nicholi took great pleasure in standing in the mess. As he left his quarters, he thought how regretable it was that the bloody footprints wouldn't last for more than a few metres.

Afew minutes later his 'son of the ruler' status had got him into his father's outside office. As always, Kawall stood there. The man may have been dull but it appeared he wasn't stupid. He held a flechette pistol pointed at Nicholi's torso.

"Advance no further." His voice carried the same drone, "I will not permit it."

"Too late." Nicholi growled, "You've been around far too long." He pressed a button on his wrist console, and the floor dropped out from under Kawaal. The man made no sound as he dropped onto the spike below, and the floor made no sound as it slide back up. Nicholi grinned at the success of his forethought. Then his face set grimly as he strode to the door and opened it.

His father sat in his chair, doing nothing, as usual. He should have been working! Nicholi fumed. His father turned lazily towards him.

"Come to kill me too?" He asked in a distant tone. That shocked Nicholi so much that he dropped his sword. He had always thought his father was too out of it to even speak coherantly. He gaped. During that time, the Viscount stood up slowly and walked around his desk to face his son.

"You desire the power?" He asked faintly, "Very well, take it, the burden is too great for those as weak as I." So saying, he removed his silver and black pendant of office and handed it to Nicholi, then he walked out of the office.

Within the hour Nicholi was working.

Message from Count Neverwinter to House Atreus;

We welcome your support! House Neverwinter is low on funds but high in most resources bar spice. What have you to offer?

Message to The Thorians;

Two frigates of grain supplies are headed for you now. In return we ask military aid of similar cost. We thank you for this oppertunity.

Message to Viceroy D'Newt;

We accept this gift with most grateful thanks. In return we offer to extend to you the cheaper prices that the Guild offers to us. We can negotiate with them for it.

House Neverwinter stirs...

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House Hua Hin will launch a formal *peaceful* protest about the rising costs of the Emperor's taxes by refusing to pay them. If the Emperor wants them he can come and get them.

OOC:I will play the Sards attacking my house BTW.

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