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Make your own houses - the battle

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As the Atreus Fleet once again ventured into the ice and snow they sustained minimal dammage on entry and were completly refueled and re supplied. Credits were traded for the supplies and all the ships ready to depart.

Atreus you are all set to go. Also what is the latest news?

over the intercom a deep voice echos through the underground hangar*

All units prepare for lockdown. The ice storm will hit soon.

Atreus you must leave now before the storm comes. They are very dangerous and could take down some of your ships. We will talk when you arrive back at your homeworld.

Be well.........

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Williams sat across from the table of the Zamzarr General just hours away from when they must depart.

"So basicly" Williams went on with the conversation "A war was almost started between us and the KYA because of the damnable Face Dancer." Williams took a sip of coffe and gazed up at the mans face, he was listening intently and soaking in information from the Far up-to-date commander.

"Also, theres a few weak reports of the Sardukar ingading a House, five legions if the reports prove to be right, though theres little information I can only hope the Emperor would not want to start a new war." Williams just shivvered a little, even with these suits this place was to damn cold.

"If I were you General" Williams stood up and put the cup down grabbing his coat off of a hanger in the corner and preparing to depart.

"I would build my defensive forces up, as far as I know, you only have one planet." The General gazed at this outsider not changing emtions to give any real direct answer.

"It would be a smart idea to capture any other planets that won't put up a aggresive act for the Imperium to swarm down upon you, and a planet that would provide more resources." Putting his coat on he extended his hand and the two shook as Williams departed for his ship.

Once getting into his Command post everyone started running and attending to their moduales as the fleet began to take off, a giant blast roared and the ships jetesned off into the distence.

"Williams we have a issue" the main moniter came up to display on of his life long friends, and Generals, one who had served the Atretus well over the years, Williams nearly raised his eyebrow at this.

"How bad could it be Fotar?" The mans face grew even grimmer. Clearing his throat he began to speak.

"Today at 0567 hours, one of our planets, Valence was attacked heavily by Sardukar forces, we must react."

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The frigate lands on Tylmar.

As the door opens Katarina sees ornis and the Court standing outside. She was surprised, she is only a commander of a legion, what does the Court have in mind...?

"Katarina at your service." said Katarina as she and her men kneels in front of the Court.

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The Frigate of House Hua Hin left the heighliner above the home planet of KYA. All of a sudden thousands of Ornithopter bombers poured out like wasps coming out of a nest. They swooped down low and bombed KYA's main military installations leaving them crippled.

House KYA was totally surprised on would take a long time to recover from this devasting attack

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hmmm, um, i think thats tecniclly god modding, since you never allowed me time to post to shoot down the bombers, and you neglected to mention my anti aircraft facilities, orbital forces, and ion cannons stationed on the planet, and any of my planes on the surface.

thats like me saying, 50 frigets of KYA landed on your world and took over the captial ::)

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"Sir all moniters, t.v's and displacement viewers will view your message, but I can't uphold it any longer then your speech takes." Williams nodded and said "Do it" the satilites started the jam through the Imperium and Williams face came up everywhere.

"Hello my polititions, citizens, and free men and women of the Imperium. Yesterday at 3 P.M standard Earth time, my House Major Atretus that was attacked by the Imperial Sardukar on one of our planets.

The Sardukar Storm troopers swarmed through the peaceful planet killing many innocent civilians in their path of Imperilistic domination. << Pictures of Sardukar killing civilians come up >>.

My House was second in a attack made by the Sardukar, they also attacked another peaceful planet without any proper permission.

With this kept in mind, House Atretus will build any amount of tanks, ships, fightersm bombers, guns and any other militeristic weapon until the sardukar fall or we do. We ask for forces to rally with us, House Corrino has gone to far!

If we do not stand here against the evils of House Corrino then any of your planets, your people can be killed in a pile of Imperilistic blood shed! The time is now my brothers, House Corrino must fall!

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Sardukar 7th Legion Command Journal:

Today we swooped down upon KYA Prime. There was little offensive forces to worry about and we quickly desended onto the land. Their forces were quick to react but could not stand up against us. We rumaging through and destroyed the a city, I can only wonder what purpose this serves.

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House KYA Sends its formal Delcaration of war to house House Hua Hin. After its un provocated atack on KYA Prime.

Surender, Or be destroyed

400,000 Saduakar Forces landed on the souther most continent of KYA prime and imeditly wiped out the small house Aaol army of 10,000 constrictps, KYA Sends its formal Declaration of war to House Corrino And asks for the landsrrad to aid it,

16,000 Elite KYA forces are imeditly shiped from there arctic training ground to mass with 400,000 forces from the various houses of KYA, United by a commen enemy they dont sqabble or fight, only prepare to launch the atack.

Recent Saduakar activity sugests a offesnive movment towards the largest most city and military instaltion on that continet, Julius. KYA forces prepare themselvs for the coming on slaught.

as of so far 50,000 KYA people have been wiped out.


7825 +5000 Per Post

Mineral Suply

12600 +8500 Per Post(Increesed due to Mineral Vessel)


250 Fighters

38 Frigets

6 Light Cruiser

Many ships were lost in the first Corrino atack wave.

A Massive Mining Out post is set up Incredibly Close to the Metel and Mineral Rich Mao Nebula

Subtract TTC 2 posts

Constructing Ion Cannon Planetary Defense Cannon

Subtract TTC 1 posts

Researching Lao Si Chi Mao 30% Growing at 20% per post

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"Please, don't stand on ceremony on my account." Count Neverwinter smiles, and bows slightly. "Had I wished to make a show you would have had to endure a parade through the streets in celebration of your arrival." He grins slightly, "However I have found that people of a military background rarely appreciate such pomp and gaity. We have much to discuss, but I will not let that stand in the way of good manners, please, allow me to escort you to the ornithopters, we leave for the Summer Palace at once."


The ornithopters settle in a cloud of dust on the grass outside the magnificent Summer Palace. The Count appologised profusely for his lack of manners, but was called away on buisness. His aides, under the watchful eye of the mentat, led each of the officers to their personal quarters in the East wing.


Count Neverwinter peered through the spy-hole in the main corridor.

"Do you think she spotted us?" His aide asked nervously.

"She's a professional, of course she did." The Count snarled at the woman's stupidity. "She'll be wondering what we're up to. Ironic really, considering we really aren't doing anything that bad. Status report?"

"Deaths due to disease on Gendaarin; four."

The Count grimaced.

"Deaths on Fenthick II, none. Deaths on Haedreline, eighty-four."


"Eighty-four, sir..." The aide cringes.

"Is Katarina aware of this?!"

"Almost definately..."

"Tell her at once! Her men must be given the serum!" As the woman dashes off to inform someone, Count Nicholi fumes. Haedreline was a dangerous planet but he hadn't forseen this! Still, eighty-four out of five thousand wasn't bad, but it was far worse than expected...

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Okay as i own this thread I have chosen House Neverwinter to have fief of Arrakis


"M'Lord, Corrino forces are attacking the House KYA"

"But they are both our enemies...we must act but what can we do? We cannot help either side"

"We cannot help either side directly"

"What are you suggesting?"

"Well, our forces could covertly help the Sardaukar overthrow the KYA"

"Why help the Sardaukar?"

"Well, sire, if House KYA triuphed over the Emperor's forces they would gain much support, support which could be used against us"

"Send for Primero Michael right away"

"Will do m'Lord"

That night 10 squads of 12 men left for their special mission of subterfuge and deceit against the KYA Empire

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The Troops Formed across the open field, The Wheat standing between both armies.

A large force of 20,000 KYA solders stood facing a much smaller force of 5,000 Saudukar near the small Vilige of Plaeceniot, which gaurded the south eastern pass of Leia leading straight to Julius power plant Facilities.

The Commander of the Sadukuar, Raced his Sword and pointed towards the KYA and let out a explosive battle cry. The Saudkaur Charged foward into the Wheat filed,

Sweat driped down the conscripts forheads, the most elite solders of the imeperium were charging them, some said it was 1 sadukar to every 10 conscripts, The numbers were against them for a moment.

The first wave of sadukar charged through the wheat field, guns up, screeming a raging battle cry, Some of the conscripts turned and fled, the others held the ground

one of the sardaukar unwittingly placed a foot near the paremiter mine, with that one step, his entire leg ripped off from the trunk of his body, blood spewed out of the artery, He fell to the ground un able to continue. More mines exploded through out the field,

A sadukar's hand flew off his arm and slammed into another Sadukar the finger peiricing the eye killing him.

They continued as if the mine filed was not there, shoving all self concerns out of there mind.

As they neared the edge of the field, The order was given to the conscripts.

They raised there weapons, some had out dated rifles, others had newly built ones, some had rifles but only 5 or 6 shots.

"READY.....AIM.........FIRE......" The Commanding officer screemed, and the conscipts let out a volly of weapons fire into the field, Killing hundreds of still charging Sadukar.


the first Sadukar charged through the mine field, right into a cluster of conscripts, They opened fire with there superior weapons, Dozens of them fell, more dozens begain to flee, 300 elite KYA soldiers rushed over to confront the 600 sadukar that had managed to get through, thousands were still rushing through it.

The fighting was intense, the newly trained KYA elite solders were nearly as powerfull as the sadukar. Conscripts begain rushing over with there blades, The Sadukar nocked these down like flies with there superior hand to hand skills.

The last mine detenated, The once lush wheat field was nothing more than a black charred system of craters and dead Sadukar.

1400 of the sadukar had managed to get through the field, The order was given, And the Conscripts begain the retreat, Their purpose had been surved, decrese there numbers by as much as you can, while still maintaining as much stregth as you could.



2825 +5000 Per Post

Mineral Suply

6100 +8500 Per Post(Increesed due to Mineral Vessel)


230 Fighters

29 Frigets

4 Light Cruiser

More ships were lost in the fighting

A Massive Mining Out post is set up Incredibly Close to the Metel and Mineral Rich Mao Nebula

Subtract TTC 1 posts

Constructing Ion Cannon Planetary Defense Cannon


Building 20,000 Armor Vehicles

10,000 Metel

15,000 Mineral

Researching Lao Si Chi Mao 50% Growing at 20% per post

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The moons glittered down upon the desolant city, only scraps remained of the once populated and busy matropolis. The Sardukar had swarmed down upon the planet, decended legions upon the land against a military who had not yet felt the boom of industrilization from their Faction.

Few men could actually stand against the Storm Troopers, and fewer even got one shot out, now the Legions of enemies swarmed across every continent of the planet, uncontested for but a few willing revolters.

Beret stood with his remaining soldiers, all grim and beaten faces upon them, hope was fading for them and even he reconignized soon there would be no planet to defend. But why! Why hadn't the reinforcements yet arrived! He had called for them days ago and look where he was!

A hoover crafts engines moaned as they got closer, and closer to the temporarly tents that refuged the remaining freedom fighters. Men drawed their weapons and looked out into the distence, as far as they could being deprived from the light.

Two lights shone above the grassy forest hill and screams could be heard coming from the vechicle. It approached closer, closer until every single soldier with a icty trigger finger was about to unleash and then a voice echoed out.

"They're coming, upon the hills they're coming! Five legions strong at minimum, prepare soldiers!" Grabbing his weapon Beret made his way through the hordes of his soldiers chattering amung themselves about the recent development. Walking past them he stood up on a elevated container by his tent and waved his hands. Silence came intently as the soldiers looked up to their leader.

"My men, you have heard the report, we're surronded, gather your items and shoove them in your pockets for you maybe barried with them. In two hours we move eastward amungst the land and at day break we will engage the Sardukar Imperilists in this planets last stand!"

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The Hua Hin special forces arrived on the KYA homeplanet at dusk and secretly cleared the way as best they could for the Sardaukar. Their first job was to disable all perimeter defences surrounding the Sardaukar but strangely all had been abandoned... The KYA were upto something and the Hua Hin special forces were in the middle of it.

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"Urgent buisness M'lord!"

"How urgent? I'm already swamped..."

"URGENT!" The aide makes emphatic gestures.

"Alright, what is it?" Count Neverwinter turns around from the spy hole. It's been a long day, and he's tired. The aide hands him a note. His eyes bulge.

"Contact planetary defence! one third of defence on Haedreline and Gendaarin transfer to Arrakis! Get everyone we need to move out there now! Spice harvesters are to be inspected and then sent out, I'll inspect the procedures myself once everything is up and running!" Then, as an afterthought he adds, "And send a group of people out to contact the people who live in the desert, what were they called? Freemen? I want to know what they know. So much to do and so little time! Contact Katarina, give her the ability to send messages to me but explain that I will be unavailable for now. Dinner tonight oges ahead as planned..." Both Count and aide hurry away in a flurry of activity.

And on Arrakis, with House Neverwinter not yet in place, the spice flow, slows...

I'll be there and ready in three posts.

And by the way, thanks Dunenewt. Any news from the Viceroy?

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Despite the urgent times Williams still saw the need for a personal speach to the Imperium. And thus he stood in the middle of the giant hall like room as everyone hushed down and looked down eagerly at the man.

"As you all know, House Atretus was ingaded by Imperial Sardukar on one of our outlying planets. This attack was unpresidented and as that, we have made counter measures, in the form of three billion heavily armed soldiers."

Gasps shook the room, the Atretus had engaged the Imperial sardukar! Cold it be? Waiting for it to reach a hush Williams went on.

"The battle lasted seven days, the Imperial Sardukar fell to our forces, and we see no need to stop the revenge here, thats why I am here. I stand as the ruler of House Atretus, and I speak for all my people when I say House Atretus will not stand for this Imperial Imperilism. As such, House Atretus formally declares war on House Corrino, the fist of the Imperium, we will rally up our forces, let the battle begin, let the battle begin!"

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General Collins headed to Lord Xaviers office to inform him of the latest news. He entered the large office and to his suprise his leader was not present in the room. General Collins found this strange because Xavier was almost always in his office at this time. He walked slowly into the large room gazing at all the fine art and sculptures and differnt weapons set on the wall. The General dident often get to visit his leaders private office. He stepped forward onto the long red carpet leading to Xaviers desk when as he stepped down he stopped a few inches from the ground. Lifted his foot and looked down and lieing on the carpet was a few drops of blood. At this discovery he ran to Xaviers desk reached under desktop and pushed the alarm button. The alarm sounded and rang throughout Xaviers private wing. Guards filed in and secured the room.


the guards replied AT ONCE GENERAL!

As this was said they heard a loud thump and a hidden door flung open and out came Xavier and a unknown person. They were fighting. Before the guards could react Xavier was through across the room into a glass wall and lie there for a few seconds and then got up. Xavier walked over the the attacker and grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up in the air. His large muscles throbbed as he squeezed harder and harder. He threw the attacker high into the air. Xavier drew a knife of beautiful craftsmanship. The blade was wavy and the handle was black gemstone with gold metal braces. He held his hand straight up in the air with the knife held high and the attackers body fell apon the blade and Xavier dropped the knife , causing the body to fall to the floor. The body lie there on its back with the knife through the chest of the attacker.

M'lord are you alright?

Xavier replied, Yes I am fine...........I dont know how this scum got in here undected. I was sitting at my desk sipping a drink when out of nowhere this fellow fell from the celing and landed ontop of me. We struggled for a bit and then you came and I finished him off.

GUARDS CLEAN THIS SHIT UP OFF MY CARPET AT ONCE. As you command m'lord the guards replied.

Xavier sat down in his big wooden chair and told the general to sit down and get to whatever he was going to before this disturbance was created.

The General cleared his throught and gave his general the news.

As the General told him this Xavier spit out his drink on the floor and proclaimed , THERE MAD!!!

Taking on house Corrino???? The Atreus are strong but taking on the imperial armys is just foolish. Prep my ship General its time to give the Duke a visit.

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Sorry if I'm late... :- :- :-X :-[

Duke Cyril Carthag sat in one of his tanks while he was being escorted from his private retreat to his house.Such precaution was necessary.A tleilaxu facedancer could strike at any moment.He was alone in the tank,and it was sealed shut.The only thing that could get him out of there was a tiny key,that only he had.All of the Guard were outside in HumVees.Suddenly,there was a ear-ripping roaring(But the Duke culdn't hear because the tank was sound-proof),and 2 pulsating balls of innards hurled at the convoy.The first one impacted,detonating some sort of bomb inside it and destroying several vehicles.The second one was shredded to pieces and blown up right above the Duke's tank,shaking it.

"What the f*** was that?!"The Duke screamed into his inter-com.

"Sir,it seems it was a Tleilaxu attack.Luckily,there were only 2 of them.What should we do?"

"Stop and tend the wounded.If they are infected with the Contaminator virus-WASTE 'EM!If not, give them the best medical attention."


Was this ok?Cuz I'm not really sure.Does it need more action?Dialogue?Shooting? ??? ??? I want your opinions,please,because I really want to improve my writing.Hoping to become a short story science-fiction writer. :)

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Have you read the Dune books as it looks as though you've only played Emperor, you're doing great though, the more the merrier


"m'Lord, the Noble House Atretus are launching an attack against the Emperor Corrino"

"What! Stop all our petty arguements with KYA at once. We most help Atretus and anyone else who wishes to help overthrow the Emperor tryannus regime"

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Right, since Katarina is being quiet I'll just continue...

Count Neverwinter steps into his residence on Arrakis. He has heard of the war on House Corrino, and notes the missing Sardaukar and their empty barracks. Arrakis is now at two-thirds defence and missionaries have been sent to the 'Fremen.'

Message to all rebelling Houses;

[hide] House Neverwinter has little in the way of attack. We dare not risk an open battle. However, we support your cause against House Corrino. In return for additional prtection on Arrakis, we offer melange to you in regular ammounts but at 4/5 of the usual price. [/hide]

Message to House Corrino;

We are building spice production facilities on Arrakis, and request a temporary leave from heavy taxes.

Message to Dunenewt;

Do I get to play the Fremen or do you wish someone else to do so in order to have negotiations?

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Message to Court Neverwinter:

[hide]My men is getting better after receiving the serum, I thank you for your help. The Duke had recieved reports of House Neverwinter getting the fief of Arrakis, and wishes to open a spice trade. We could provide more men to strengthen the defence, in case Sardukars or rebels invades the planets. Are you intrested? The Duke would also want to know which faction you're siding with.[/hide]

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Alright! Neverwinter-Fremen alliance!

With most of the Fremen now following him (for various reasons) Count Neverwinter grows bolder...

And the spice flow steps up. Any replies from the Houses?

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Have you read the Dune books as it looks as though you've only played Emperor, you're doing great though, the more the merrier


"m'Lord, the Noble House Atretus are launching an attack against the Emperor Corrino"

"What! Stop all our petty arguements with KYA at once. We most help Atretus and anyone else who wishes to help overthrow the Emperor tryannus regime"

Actually,I have read Dune,God Emperor of Dune,Butlerian Jihad,and am currently reading Messiah.But I mostly rely on Emperor.Should I involve the books a little more?


Cyril had ordered immediatley that he be transferred not to his house,but to his BOO(Base of Operations-Kinda like the white house).

"Slarpe!"Cyril yelled into his inter-com.A thin,wiry man came running into the office.This was Slarpetor Kentairs,Leader of Militairy Operations.


"What of the Bene Tleilax?Are they acting unusual?I NEED TO KNOW WHO ATTEMPTED THIS!!"

"M'Lord,we have asked them of the attack,and they are denying everything.Of course-they could be lieing,but we never know..."

"Enough.Any other news?"

"Err...Well,this may seem rather impossible to you but...House Atreus has just attacked the Sardaukar."

Cyril spit out his spice coffee(Is there spice in this?Because there are Fremen,right?So there is Arrakis..but is there spice?).


"Yes sir.We have gotten this information from our highest scouts."

Cyril took it all in,which was very hard,but in the end came to a deceison.It was time to go to war.

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