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Dune: Animated Movie


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Often, I have thought that maybe Dune would be best expressed in the good old medium of animation. It is almost too rich and too spectacular to be viewed anyway else. Cartoons are a way to break the bounds of our current thoughts of the universe. What better way then to express it in the form of animation? Anybody agree?

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First Dune trilogy would be best as real movie. Just battle and space scenes should be made by computer, look at Lord of the Rings, it's easy to make realistic, but de facto animated mass action. But the enviroment and actors should be real. Miniseries looked like Star Wars, where was everything artificial instead of few actors. And also those colors weren't best chosen for "dark age" of Corrino tyranny, but that should be only my opinion.

For second half of Herbert's books, God Emperor, Heretics and Chapterhouse, would be best anime style. Anime is only way to create Dune more bizzare as it was in first books. And it have to be. If it would be another style, Heretics won't be allowed in cinemas...

I hope someone will follow my will once ;D

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