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Re: Lockup issues! Post here please


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Hi Nyarlathotep,

I have not visited the Emperor site in a while and I see your thread is even larger. Not only that, but you mention Tom's Hardware, a favorite website of mine.

Another good source for hardware reviews is www.anandtech.com. I usually read reviews from both Tom's hardware and Anandtech before making a purchase. It's suprising to see how their reviews differ on the same piece of hardware. If you consult either of those sites you will be well informed in your hardware purchases. I am thinking about buying a new motherboard, the ABIT KR7A-RAID. Here is a link on the Anandtech site if you are interested:


I have priced this board and can pick it up for $130 US locally. I think it is a good deal.

Keep up the great thread and good luck with your business venture.

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i just have to post here and say tnx to Gob for working to get this moved and and tnx to Nyar for all is work here!

3 cheers!

"Ya Hya Chouhada"

"Ya Hya Chouhada"

"Ya Hya Chouhada"

commences to do a funny dance and turns around

Ok Doc you can have thread back i wont hyjack again ;D

what if the hokeie pokeie IS what its all about? ;D

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Platform: Windows 2000 sp 2

Hardware: IBM Thinkpad T23 2647-6JG PIII 866MHz 512MB

Game: Emperor

Problems: Two types of crashes.

 1: Campaign locks up if i've gotten involved! (40 mins)

 2: Occasionaly exits to the desktop

I get really involved in a campaign then BAM frozen screen, music plays, but the caps lock doesn't respond (my ultimate test before rebooting).

I do not have this level of difficultly running Unreal Torney!

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I'll also attach my dxdiag report.

Oh forgot to say...

I'm running with +w (disable CDROM caching), and 1024x768. Windows desktop 1024x768 true colour (32bit)

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One weird thing in your output:

"Monitor: Generic Television

 Monitor Max Res: 640,480"

Anyway, I would try to set the ingame graphical setting to 800x600. Make sure you set the detail level to low and turn off shadows. Next to that, one onbvious thing is to make sure you have the latest drivers, especially for the S3 chipset.

Another question, do you also encounter lockups in skirmish mode ?

Byw, for Lockup troubleshooting tips, I refer you to my website in my signature.

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The weird things you see are problems with DXDIAG as you can clearly see the current mode was

<i>1024 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)</i>

My machine is a laptop and it's natural resolution is 1024x768 - anything else has to be emulated and the aliasing is terrible. Actually, I only discovered you could change the ingame resolution AFTER Emporer kept crashing at 800x600.

I'll try the detail and shadows tip.

S3 drivers: got them already

Skirmish mode: hmmm - i'm assuming that either

a) skirmish doesn't crash but campaign does


b) skirmish crashes just like campaign

Both outcomes don't help me play campaign mode.

I've been to xs4all...it's very 98/me-centric and just says 'download latest video drivers'.

It would be helpful if I could find a list of program modifiers like +w

My biggest gripe is that it takes so long before the machine crashes. Makes it very difficult reproduce a crash situation.

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Well, if it doesn't crash in skirmish mode, then I've seen the problem before. Only difference with you si that they had a different video card.

About other options to put behind the shortcut, it's all in the manual.

Btw, how long does it take beofr it crashes and is that time frame always the same (give or take) ?

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Skirmish mode - if I can't play a campaign then I would not play the game (money's worth and all that)

Full list of options - My copy of Emperor came in a DVD style case; I think it may be a cut-down re-release. Therefore the manual appears lacking (certainly lacks pictures).

How long before it crashes - I don't think its time related. I think it is related to the time it takes to build up a big enough battle group. It crashes when I manage several large-ish groups. (about 40 mins)

I spoke with EA and they indicated that my 16meg video card may lack enough memory.

I've tuned down all the graphics options and i've not crashed for some time. (I also restarted the game as HK rather than AT and it's much easier; except my Mentat is a bit slow to realise that my Telaxui allies are fighting for my enemies).

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This thread is not just an ordinary thread, it had helped people with their problems, prevented expensive advice from erm... mechanics? oh wel.

This thread also enabled nyarlothep to become an moderator of HIS OWN BOARD, now how many people have the honour of having an own forum just because of 1 thread? NOT MANY!

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