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Fed2k Survivor (read)


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(It cut me off due to too many characters)


"I hate watttttttsss, wassssup,"

Well that was funny.  That is enough for today, he is embarassed enough.

*DAY 37*

*Don't Kill Us Tribe*

Trh is still drunk and delirious from the plant.  Galaxy has been analyzing it and apparently it is concentrated LSD in plant form, beats us at how they got there.  Let's listen in...

"I am the almighty Little Trout,"

"I like fluffy reptiles,"

"How many fingers am I holding up,"

"What is that, a ziiiiitttt or my fist,"

"RTS stands for Radio Televison Strikers,"

"I hear voices, I think that they're dead people but I am not sure,"

Ok that is enough...

*DAY 38*

*Don't kill us Tribe*

Swiftly and silently Jessica slips in and breaks kloball's neck.  Apparently trh was to amusing to kill.

*From Beyond the Grave*

Prophecy is being fulfilled,  

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(Yep trh its you, Galaxy, Jessica, and Davo)

*DAY 39*

*Don't Kill Us Tribe*

Well we continue to see Jessica and Davo laughing at trh while plotting to kill him.  Let's listen in...

"Definitely on Tribal COuncil," says Davo.

Jessica nods.

Now for trh...

"I think doggies are nice, except that one next door,"

"I am Woggie Fah Tarise, head of the Rhombus Revolution,"

"Everyone doing the cocomotion,"

"When did they clone Davo,"

"Look the nice little spider is crawling up my leg,"

*DAY 40*

*Don't Kill Us Tribe*

At this point the evil empowered personality thing is in control of Jessica and Davo as they beat up a palm tree to keep trh around.  Trh continues...

"Disco is for geeks with bikinis,"

"Galaxy would look good in a loincloth,"

"Moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo,"

"Knock knock, I'm Mini Moo,"

"Eat more Davo,"

"With some plutonium I could eliminate my opponents,"

"Wazzzzzzuuuppppp, my homies,"

"Nakku tah neka ra shala par kata,"

"I am the idiot formerly known as King,"


*Day 41*

*Tribal COuncil Area*

Galaxy just watches as they hurl trh, still alive, into the lava and walk off.

*Area under the Island*

"Only two remain..."

*From beyond the grave*

"Prophecy is being fullfilled.  Evil shall reign on the island when the Reckoning arrives, soon...

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Ah, finally, the game will end and I will be victorious.

Whats that, you all think I'm dead and gone?  I am the one who can be many places at once...

Now that I've gathered my powers in the Alam Al Mithal, I shall return on the day of reckonging and decide that I amt he winner!

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There's just too much lava...

*slips on a banana and does a 360 turn in mid-air, then hits a trunk miliseconds before it sinks into the lava, before grabbing a falling tree and using it to swing towards the ocean, taking a leaf to use as a parachute*


YES! I made it! I am the greatest of all Survivors! I...

*cyborg implants short-circuit because of the sea water*

Oh shi...


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