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Fed2k Survivor (read)


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for it has begun.  I ask the moderators and Gob not to edit this post unless I accidently use profanity.  I do not own any of the Dune characters or the characters from Fed2k except Ordos45...I do not claim to own any of them except Ordos45.   When something is placed in asterisks (*) it is a location of a place or a time. Now please sit back and enjoy the beginning of Fed2k Survivor: Deserted island.)

*DAY 1*

     ?Welcome to Survivor:Fed2k.  I am Galaxy of Jenova, your hostess of the show.  Ordos45 was going to host but he became a contestant.  Let me explain what will be happening.

      We have assembled some of the slyest characters from Dune and some of the regulars from www.dune2k.com and have put them on a deserted island in two tribes.  These tribes will compete for everything from food and water to the prize of not having to vote off one of their own at tribal council.

      Now let?s meet our Survivors and their tribes.?

*Sandworm Tribe*

     Well the Sandworm Tribe is made up of ordos45, Gobalopper, Ex Atreides, Nema Fakei, Paul Muad?Dib, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, the lady Jessica, and Leto II.  As we look at them we discover the group has already made shelter thanks to the leadership shown by Gob.  Ordos45, Ex, and Nema are gathering firewood, Gob is sitting on a throne of firewood, Paul and Jessica are staring at Vladimir and Leto II is rolling around in the sand trying to scratch an itch in between one of his segments.  Doesn?t look like anything will happen today?let?s head over to the other tribe.

*Sandtrout Tribe*

     Already there is division in the Sandtrout Tribe as Alia and Mahdi are arguing over who is going to be the leader?even though no tribe should have an official leader.  Stilgar and Davo are looking on in stumped confusion at this bitter war of leadership.  Trh5000 and Kloball4100 are trying to create a shelter from the wood that Fedaykin Sandwalker is gathering.  Doesn?t look like much will happen today?

     Suddenly Alia is down by a slash that severed her windpipe courtesy of Mahdi.  She asphixiates (or however you say can?t breathe) due to the lack of air and the tribe just throws her body off to sea.


     Today looks the pretty much same as yesterday.


     *Sandworm Tribe*

      Well it looks like some division has begun to show itself in the tribe.  Gob, Ordos45, Nema, Paul, and Jessica have built the shelter into their own fortress surrounded with some newly made walls of wooden spikes.  The Baron and Ex are arguing over who gets to share the shelter that Ex made himself?even though it isn?t big enough for baron Vladimir Harkonnen.  Well it looks like some letter leaflets are being dropped from the sky?they read,? Looks like Ex and Vlad are out of food as the rest of you have siezed it.  There will not be an immunity challenge tonight due to the fact that Alia has perished in the other Tribe.  Have a good day.?

     *Santrout Tribe*

      Stilgar, Duncan, trh, and kloball4100 are inside the shelter doing what looks like plotting?shooting suspicious glances at Davo!

      Fed is watching Mahdi wearily and Davo is just staring watching the ocean until he cries,? Look everyone it?s a big fin!!  SHARK!!!?

     Everyone rushes out to look and they see part of Alia?s clothes flapping from the fin.

*Main Area under island*

     ?Well that?s our first three days and already alliances are forming and tribes are splitting, one Survivor did not survive.  Will any of them,? asks Galaxy of Jenova.

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*Area under the island*

  "Welcome back to Survivor: Fed2k, I'm your host Galaxy of Jenova.  Things seem to be heating up...let's watch," says Galaxy with a mysterious smile.


*Sandworm Tribe*

 "I told you it's mine big butt," screamed Ex at Vladimir.

 "I need the shelter you built more than you do," said the Baron kicking Ex out and locking the wooden door.

 Ex walked away grumbling that it was a conspiracy while inside the wooden fortress Gob, Nema, Ordos45, Leto II, and Jessica were watching.

*Sandtrout Tribe*

 "What are you looking at," asked Mahdi.

 "Not much," said Fed with a nuetral voice.

 Davo was shaking on the beach, and Duncan, Stilgar, TRH, and klobal4100 were beginning to smile.

*Day 5*

*Sandtrout Tribe 3AM*

Looks like all is well and all are asleep except for Davo who seems to be scouting around the island.

*Sandworm Tribe 4AM*

Looks like all is well and all are asleep except for Ex who is glaring at his Shelter that he made!


*Sandworm Tribe*

Ex retrieved the mail sack laying in one of the trees.  He read it aloud in the middle of camp," Choose one to run the race of doom, through that which goes boom.  If you win you will get food, if you don't you'll be in a bad mood...at Tribal Council."

Since no one came out Ex began the trek to the site of the immunity challenge.  

*Sandtrout Tribe*

Mahdi reached into the mail sack and pulled out a letter and read it aloud," Choose one to run the race of doom, through that which goes boom.  If you win you will get food, if you don't you'll be in a bad mood...at Tribal Council."

They all looked at Duncan, their swordmaster and he began to walk to the immunity challenge site.  

*The site of the immunity challenge*

"Hello Duncan and Ex," said Galaxy of Jenova," ready to run the gauntlet?"

Both nodded and she handed them daggers bearing the Fed2k crest, and pointed toward 2 forest paths.

They nodded and took off.  Ex ran in and darts began hitting the ground all around him, he ran under a log as arrows shot the ground behind him, he ran until the ground gave way to a pit of spears which he dangled above with one hand.

Meanwhile Duncan was having an easier time avoiding the obvious traps.  He was most of the way there when he saw Ex dangling above the pit.  He wne tover and helped him out.

"Thanks," said Ex shoving a knife in DUncan's back and then pulling it out and then running off.  Duncan continued to crawl forward toward the finish.

When Ex made it to the finish there was a cardboard cutout of Osama Bin laden which he stabbed thinking victory was close.  It blew up on impact incinerating Ex's body along with it.

Duncan when he got in range threw his knife at the cutout, shielding his eyes when it exploded.  He crawled back to camp where his tribe tended his wounds and the immunity idol was dropped off via stealth bomber.

*area under island*

"Well it looks like another has died.  Now we will see what comes in the days ahead," says Galaxy with a cruel smile on her face.

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*Area Under the Islan on Day 10*

"Welcome back.  It seems that the writer found time to write.  Anyhow something bad will happen I can feel it," said Galaxy of Jenova.

*Sandworm Tribe*

Most of the Tribe is just sitting in the fortress with the food.  Leto II decided it was too moist in there and is frolicing in the sand.

*Sandtrout Tribe*

Trh, kloball4100, and Fedaykin Sandwalker are walkingt hrough the woods discussing a voting alliance...look out for them Davo.  Stilgar and Duncan seem to be talking as well in the shade.  Mahdi and Davo are fighting in a verbal arguement.

*DAY 11*

*Sandworm Tribe*

Lasgun blasts are flashing around.  Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is launching an attack on the island just as he swore to with...Ghola Ex Atreides by his side.  The baron's frigate is leveling out to fire and it looks like Leto has thrown his bulk against it.  The Frigate has exploded and leto II is falling...wait he has fallen into the water.  Sandtrout are being released.  We may have to rename this Survivor: Fed2k Desert.

*Sandtrout Tribe*

Mahdi is using his crysknife to fight off a dozen Harkonnen soldiers and it appears the Duncan has a few dozen as well.  Everyone else is holding back a couple of hundred soldeirs, but for how long no one knows.

*Area under the Island*

"It seems the island is under heavy assault and the Baron has died.  I must take precautions to make sure they don't get in...," begins Galaxy as an alarm sounds," too late."

Galaxy pulls her katana and slashes the first hark soldier across the throat, the second from head to other end, the third across the chest, the fourth through the stomach, the fifth through the heart, the sixth through the eye, seventh through the mouth, eighth through the um..butt, ninth through the kidneys, tenth through the groin, and eleventh through the liver.  The twelth guy was smarter and played dead until her back was turned.  Then he sprang up dagger in hand, she turned around and impaled him on her katana and threw him off.

"Thank goodness the Baron was too cheap for shields," says galaxy now covered in her enemies' blood and checking a panel," it looks like all the fighting has stopped but where is Ghola Ex?"

He creeps up behind her and she threw her katana back, killing him.

"There he is," she sings.

*Day 12*

Well both tribes are cleaning up and Paul just keeps repeating "They killed my son."  There will be no immunity challenge today because of the death of the Tyrant.

*Area under the island*

"I hope you enjoyed that more than me," says Galaxy while she is cleaning up the area, dead ghola Ex still pinned to the wall by her katana," we had some problems these 3 days.  See you again sometime soon on Survivor:Fed2k."

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*Area under the island*

"Well we are still cleaning up.  As for the island we have a nifty new defense.  Allowed biological entities (animals and contestants still programmed in) are allowed anything else is taken down by our nice new auto repeating lasguns," says galaxy gleefully.

*Day 13*

*Sandworm Tribe*

Everyone is out trying to salvage the wreckage of the Frigate thinking that it could be better protection against any attack wild or otherwise.  Jessica is taking the loss of Leto II pretty well but paul is rocking back and forth repeating, "They killed my son!"

*Sandtrout Tribe*

Everyone seems suspicious here.  Mahdi and Duncan seem to have a newfound respect and fear for each other's fighting skills.  The rest of the Tribe now fears Davo who took out nearly fifty of the Harkonnen Scum.

*Day 14*

*Sandtrout Tribe*

Duncan reads the letter aloud," The sands ran red with blood and now for this reward challenge you must play in the mud."  Everyone pointed at him, no surprise given Mahdi's glare.

*Sandworm Tribe*

Everyone looked at the letter and then looked at Paul who they send away still chanting about them killing his son.

*Reward Challenge Area*

"Okay guys, build a five foot tall sculpture of me made of mud,  GO," shouts Galaxy.

Duncan really gets into it and makes a six foot tall statue of Galaxy...in a bikini.

Paul just makes a really nasty mud sculpture of the Baron impaled on a spike.

"Well Since Duncan kinda stuck to the challenge more than Paul, the Sandtrout are the winners."

*Sandtrout Tribe*

A crate of food drops into the campfire...pilot error.

*DAY 15*

*Sandworm Tribe*

"Come to the volcanoe, one of you.  Whoever you send will die if they lose...choose well," read the letter.

They chose Paul, he marched away muttering about them killing his son.

*Sandtrout Tribe*

Davo started walking.

*Volcanoe Rim*

"As you can see I have given you these fighting staffs  to battle with.  Your objective is to knock your opponent into the volcanoe's boiling magma.  GO!!," screamed Galaxy.

Davo pulled his staff quickly down at Paul's feet, and Paul deftly blocked it with his own staff.  Davo swung upward, Paul blocked as Davo's foot shot out and dislocated Paul's knee.  Paul was barely keeping his balance and Davo swung his staff across Paul's throat crushing the windpipe.  As Paul fell into the magma we will never know if the magma killed him or if he suffocated to death first.

"Well Davo I can see either this island is making you more evil," Galaxy said smiling evilly herself," or Paul was out of touch with his fighting abilities due to the death of his son.  Personally I like the evil idea better.  Anyhow the immunity idol will be dropped off at your camp when you return...not into the fire."

Davo began walking back.

*Sandtrout Tribe*

Davo's welcome was mixed with hurrays and looks that said,"you were supposed to die."  Anyhow the immunity idol fell beside them as an armored Ornithopter flew on by.

*Sandworm Tribe*

No one is lamenting the loss of Paul, they were starting to get ticked at his moaning about his son after four days.

*Area under the island*

"Well we hope you enjoyed this edition of Survivor:Fed2k.  While the island seems to be making us all more evil...or bringing out our instincts more we will continue to go forward.  Even if no one survives but the Final Survivor...when we get to it eventually," says Galaxy smiling an evil grin.

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*DAY 16*

*Assembly of Tribes*

"Today is the merger," said Galaxy a smile on her face," the day when two tribes become one.  The day that one of you must die."

There was a murmur about this in the crowd that was made up of both tribes until sometihng blurred went across their vision.  When they looked, they saw Ordos45 dead on the ground with a knife lodged in his throat.  Oh, and Galaxy was smiling with blood on her fingertips.

"Now you must all decide on a new name for your new tribe and then decide on a new loactiona nd take all your stuff to it.  Oh and stay on this island."

*DAY 17*

*The newly formed Don't Kill Us Tribe*

Everyone is getting along ok.  Both tribes took down their wodden structures and are building a new bigger one at the new location of the tribe.  Gob and mahdi are busy drawing up floor plans on a rock with another rock, creating a chalk like drawing.  Nema, kloball4100, TRH5000, Fedaykin-Sandwalker, Duncan, Stilgar, Jessica, and Davo are lugging everything into the new camp area...from both old camps.

*Area under the island*

Galaxy seems to be doing some sort of ritual over Ordos45's body.  


The Don't Kill Us Tribe has managed to pull everything together and have a vast wooden village at their new location at the foot of the volcano.  Most of the tribe seems to be fishing, foraging, or hunting meaning food is getting scarce.  Gob and Mahdi are talking about who to vote off next and something is happening at the rim of the volcano.

*Rim of Volcano*

Galaxy throws Ordos45's body into the magma and a face seems to form in it.  

*Area under the island*

"Join us next time on Survivor:Fed2k.  Goodbye," says galaxy smirking evilly.

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*Day 19*

*Don't Kill Us Tribe*

Jessica, Stilgar, and Duncan all seem to be chatting away on a trip down the beach, no doubt forming a voting alliance.  While Fed, Trh, and kloball seem to be walking down a stretch of beach in the opposite direction discussing a voting alliance.  Gob and Mahdi and Davo seem to be having their own discussion at the camp itself.  Nema is currently lost in the woods nearby, for some reason or another.

*Day 20*

Nema has found his way back to camp and glances seem to be coming at him from all 3 voting alliances.  It seems Jessica has been elected to speak for her voting alliance," Where were you?"

"Lost," Davo replies a little timidly, fighting the power of voice.


"I thought I saw something..."



*Immunity Challenge Grounds*

"Today's challenge is simple," said Galaxy," the last one standing is the winner."

They all just stand there pondering her words.  That is when she begins to wack them all with a staff that can hit all of them in one swing.  Slowly but surely people begin to fall until only Davo and Duncan are left standing and then Davo's knees give out and he falls directly face to face with Jessica.

"Well Duncan you won the immunity challenge this week.  Now that you all are one tribe this immunity necklace replaces the immunity idol.  Whoever has the necklace cannot be voted off and tonight that will be Duncan," said Galaxy beaming with that somewhat evil grin.  She hands him the necklace.

*Tribal Council That Night At Volcano Rim*

"Okay everyone we've been through the voting process once so go vote.  Duncan you are first," said Galaxy.

Duncan got up and wrote a name on the sheet of paper with the marker and folded the paper up.  He stuffed it in the box.  Everyone did this until no one was left to go vote and then Galaxy left to tally the votes.  Than she came back.

"I have the votes," she said with that evil smile creeping up on her face," now I'll read them aloud."

She held up a card with Davo's name on it," Davo."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema."

She held up a card with Nema's name on it," Nema.  Nema hand me your torch."

(forgive me, but to do it like they do on the show I had to do a little flooding type thing for 8 lines.)

He did.  She put it out with the coconut thing and Nema walked down the path away from the tribe.  

That was when Galaxy pulled the mini-crossbow from her pouch and calmly loaded an arrow as the tribe watched in shock.  She took aim carefully and fired...the arrow pierced Nema's heart and he fell into the rolling abyss of magma below.

"Well we've had some action tonight," she said winking with an evil smirk," go back to your settlement and get some rest."

*Area under the island*

"Nine remain and who will be next on Survivor:Fed2k?  Anyone elso notice the sandtrout are drying up the ocean," she asked," oh well see us next time and watch your back, Nema sure didn't."

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*DAY 25*

*Don't Kill Us Tribe*

(To address certain concerns, I guarentee that someone from either the novels or Fed2k will survive this.)

The entire tribe has launched into a day of mourning to honor the fallen Gobalopper.

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*Forest Near the DOn't Kill Us Tribe*

"So its agreed," whisper's Davo.

"We vote for Galaxy," says Jessica.

"Then we kill her."

"So then there will be no one to stop us."

"From killing the rest of the tribe."


*DOn't Kill Us Tribe*

Trh, kloball, duncan, and Stilgar are all fighting.  Let us see...

Trh throws a hard punch at Stilgar who ducks and then kloball jumps and smashes his fist into trh's temple.  Trh drops like a stone.

Kloball jumps up and delivers a combo of punches at Stilgar who jumps  up and shoulders in the *censored area*.  Kloaball falls down in extreme pain.

Stilgar uses a sweeping foot but Duncan jumps above it and delivers a hit to his head and it knocks Stilgar out.

*Day 31*

"Don't worry, it won't be long now, not long at all," says Galaxy to the dead body of ghola Ex, still hanging from the wall.


*Tribal COuncil*

"Due to an accident that destroyed the immunity idol, no one will be safe from this vote.  Don't worry we will have a new immunity idol next episode," says Galaxy," now Davo you are first.

They all vote and Galaxy looks over the votes and reads them," One for Davo.  One for Jessica, One for trh, one for kloball, and two for ME!!?"

They all stare up at her hungrily.

"Executive overide of the vote," says Galaxy pulling a handgun.

She aims and then fires once.  Duncan falls dead, killed execution style by Galaxy.  She shoves him off the rim of the volcano into the lava.

She walks off without looking back.

*Area under the island*

"Well that showed them, five are left, who will survive?"

*From Beyond the Grave*

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Ordos45, how DARE you... not include me? ;)

Please put me in the contest (you can think of the reason for this unusual decision). PLEASE! ;D I don't mind if I die soon...

"The spice has enhanced our vision. You WILL include us in Fed2k Survivor", said Edric O with a perfectly even voice.

"Yes, of course", said Galaxy of Jenova with a lost gaze

Edric O is the brainy-type cyborg (his computerised implants are working on solar energy). However, his fighting skills are a bit deficient.

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Yoshi13 I haven't done that installment yet, that will be when only two Survivors are left, Edric...I'll include you in the final installment as well.  THough you may not like the final installment.  Just so you all know, the final installment is nowhere close due to the fact it must come down to only two Survivors before you "guest stars" show up.

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