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Magic vs. technology

Edric O

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A long time from now, in a nearby galaxy...

Peace has reigned for millenia. The Galactic Confederation rules over thousands of inhabited worlds and hundreds of billions of citizens. But now, for the first time in memory, the clouds of war gather of the horizon.

After aeons of peaceful co-existence, the two intelligent species that share this galaxy began to look on each other with increasing suspicion. The Arcans became aloof and arrogant, while the Promethas grew paranoid. The Senate of the Confederation was itself plagued by strife and indecision. In the end, a series of terrorist attacks against a small Promethas outpost sparked the inevitable. The Confederation crumbled into ruin. All-out war has begun...

These are the combatants:

1. The Promethas Empire - From the vast grasslands and fertile rivers of their homeworld of Einurr, the Promethas have risen as the first intelligent species to travel between the stars. They are scientists and engineers. From its very beginnings, their civilization was built on technology and science. They have constructed wonders that the universe has never seen before. Towers rising out of the blue haze of atmospheres, docking rings around entire worlds, artificial intelligence and computer networks beyond imagination... Their vast space fleets of shining silvery starships serve as the most potent symbol of the overwhelming power of the Promethas Empire and their undying loyalty to their Emperor.

"What are our achievements, you ask us? We have brought life to countless worlds through terraforming. We have built the greatest and most complex structures ever seen by this universe. We are even considering the construction of Dyson Spheres. We have risen through our own strength and through our own intelligence, not by using some mystical powers served to us on a silver plateau! We stand for logic and science. If you guide yourself by Reason, you will join us."

2. The Arcan Guild - Quos'alara, the homeworld of the Arcans, is a mysterious planet of rainforests and swamps, its sky permanently covered by a blanket of misty clouds. Deep within its jungles lie hidden the mana crystals that are the very source of the mystical powers of the Arcans. Their civilization is built on the power of magic and the art of illusion. They have mastered giant mythical beasts like gryphons and dragons... and through their powers of magic, enabled these beasts to fly in the emptyness of space. They also use spaceships in the more literal sense, constructed from crystal and held together by extremely powerful magics. However, their dragon riders and crystal ships are no match for a fleet of Promethas carriers and destroyers armed with ion cannons. And they don't need to be, for the Arcans have more subtle ways of waging war... they can create magical portals between worlds and use them to stage ground invasions without having to engage the massive Promethas fleets on their way there. All Arcans hold a deep respect for their Guildmaster and fight in his name.

"The foolish followers of technology understand nothing. They do not see the beauty of our mystical arts and the power of magic. Magic is the very soul of the universe. We are the only ones that understand its true beauty. We have been chosen by the currents of magic to obliterate those who would defile our sacred heritage. If you listen to your emotions, you will join us."

Basically, the Promethas hold the space power and the Arcans hold the ground power.

(and before you ask, there is no "good" or "evil" race. They are both as good or as evil as you make them)


1. No planet destroyers. The most powerful Promethas weapon is the antimatter warhead (it produces an explosion powerful enough to obliterate all life on a continent, but DOES NOT leave radioactive fallout). You cannot build more than one every 3 posts. The Promethas may also use various types of nuclear weapons... The most powerful weapon of the Arcans is the magic storm (cuts all power and enemy communications on a whole planet, essentially throwing it into complete chaos). Again, you may not summon more than one every 3 posts. The Arcans may also use all kinds of illusions...

2. No God-modding, getting troops out of nowhere, etc.

3. I am The Watcher. I will not get involved in the war. I will moderate this thread and settle disputes.

4. This is not a rule, just a request: Please try to keep true to the style of each race.

The Promethas are similar to the Roman Empire (you may take titles such as Imperator, Centurion, Decurion, and any other latin-sounding thingie you can think of :) ). They always salute each other by "Hail the Emperor". They like to fight in the open and go in with guns blazing, but also with a very intelligent and precise battle plan.

The Arcans are very much like the Elves in LOTR (but unlike the elves, they are mortal). You may take titles such as Wizard, Mage, Conjurer, Sorceror and anything similar (you may also put things like "Arch-" in front of those titles). Arcans love to stay hidden and use illusion and deception.

...there can be only ONE civilization. What side will you join?

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Dyson spheres are spheres built around suns to collect energy, right (hehe, Star Trek :) ). Can multiple participants play a part in the same race?

Imperator Marcus Draenox looked over the vast city of Ecricus, the capitol city of Einurr, from his office on the 500th floor of the city hall. With the recent crumbling of the Confederation the senate of Promethas had issued a series of new laws, that allowed the empire to allocate more recources to the military. The civilians were unhappy with the situation, then again, some people are never happy, thought Marcus.

He had been given orders to lead a military campaign meant to nullify Arcan space vessels, wich would give the Promethas ultimate space domination. With the 1th imperial fleet, he would set out tomorrow and head out for the Arcan empire.

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Commander Raziel sat in his chair, at the head of the Promethas war council. The meeting has just come to an end, with his final decision to attack the Arcan homeworld, without waiting for them to strike first. He himself will supervise the battle on the ground, while his heighness Imperator Marcus will clear the way with his fleet.

Raziel laughed, "Soon those pitiful sorcerors will learn, that no child magic tricks can stop the brute force of the advanced promethan weaponry".

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(OOC: Greetings, I will join the Promethas. Now if I can get to my buddy's Romulan website... ;) )

Enriov Kultas looks down at his status display. Four Arcan troop carriers in deep space, the last of House Cairn, leaders of the Cantrips and minor magics.

"Open hailing channel."

"Aye, Sire."

The Enriov brings his fist up to his mouth and coughs, then begins the address, "Because of the practice of outlawed Witchcraft and Sorcery in the outer Imperial Territories, you will now face judgement."

A young, femenine voice sputters on the speakers, "But--!"

Kultas slashes his hand in the order of termination, and the communication is closed.


Ten minutes, and four crystalline explosions later, Enriov Kultas arrives back at SpaceBase 22, home for Kultas' fleet.

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Wizardlord Inioch was schoked by the news of the now open war. He would give anything to stop the Promethas , but even better stop the war. He knew that in open space they had no chance, and on the ground they only held a slight atvantage. Nothing to be proud of. He needed to make out someway to beat the Promethas, before it was too late.

Is it ok to have a list of your army and finaces?

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Hmmm, I'll create a list of the fleet under my command too. If it turns out too big, I'll edit it.

The 1th imperial fleet proceded towards Arcan space unchallenged. The frail Arcan ships offered no significant resistance, and few Promethas ships were destroyed. Marcus Draenox had put together a plan that would create a clear pathway for ground troop carriers, lead by a commander Raziel, and then the invasion of the Arcan territory would truly begin.

Marcus studied the star charts in the meeting room with his most trusted advisors.

"The best course of actions is to invade the colony worlds here, in the Koralis nebulas. After doing so, we should have little trouble reaching the capitol world."

"We can't do that. The Koralis nebula has an adverse effect on our sensors. They have ample time to evactuate their civilians, and their ships could then hide in the nebula for weeks, and we would be endangered by guerillia attacks during that time. It's to difficult to take, and to keep."

"We shouldn't occupy it! We would destroy the bulk of their ships there, and then move on."

"It's to risky to move the troop carriers there! We can't ensure their safety in that nebula, as the Arcans will definitely overtake them, and we won't see them coming!"

Marcus overheard this, and decided to take an alternate route.

"We will not take the troop carriers through the nebula, they would be too vulnerable. Instead we will attack the settlements over here" he said, as he pointed at a spot at the starchart. "Then we will move deeper into Arcanian space. We'll fight our way through."

1th Imperial fleet

500 heavy battlecruisers

700 light battlecruisers

1000 destroyers

1500 frigates

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The Grand Archmage of planet Locus sat next to a crystal ball. He never used it. It was simply a glass sphere that he had kept around to annoy the visiting diplomats from the other species as he liked to call them. His real attention was focused on a ship. It was a tiny model, floating in the air in front of him, an exact replica of the Imperial Fleet's flagship, down to the last detail. If he squinted, the Archmage could see the tiny people inside through the windows. He waved his hand and the ship blew up. The man sighed.

'If only it were that simple.' He thought, as another replica popped into view.

His planet specialised in natural weapons. Specifically, the manipulation of heat and cold. This covered water, fire, ice, lightening, and other similar elemental forces. Locus was also extremely far out into deep space, it was only reachable by travelling for it, there were no inhabited planets beyond Locus.

Thus very few enemy ships bothered with it. And the planet become unspecial. Strategically it was used only to test projects away from prying eyes, was not particularly rich or valuble in trade terms. Locus was a backwater.

And it set forth a ship. A tiny, three-crew ship formed from delicate crystal. On board were a Water Elemental, an Ice Elemental, both of whom capable of fighting without a ship, and an assassin. As the ship left the planet's atmosphere, it warped for a second, and emerged a perfect duplicate of a Promethas Scouting ship.

The Grand Archmage watched the twinkle as the ship opened a portal, and vanished through it. He sighed and flicked the replica with his finger, cauing the inhabitants to scream amusingly. Just for a second, he opened a tiny rip in reality, just enough so that the real ship could see him making a rude gesture at them, and then he closed it, grinning.

The ship's portal deposited them a day behind the 1th (shouldn't it be 1st?) Fleet. They rushed to catch up.

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Yutak Thalix walked down the grey rock hallways ugly hallways these are finally he found the door he was looking for. Knocking the door he could hear stummbling of feet and it finally slowly opened. A man stood there looking oddly at his visitor.

"Yes, who are you and what may I ask you need?"

Walking in on the man unwelcomed he turned around and gazed at the projecion of the flagship and grinned.

"I am a wizard and sorceer, give me a ship and the enemy fleet will feel a little more err...trubulence then they expected. I require this ship and no questions asked, if you want them to come fully armed and repaired to our planet your choice...."

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ok i will be on the magicians side.

I am Makala , a wise wizard. (I like wizards and i copied Makala from betrayal at krondor)

I live on a small island on Quos'alara and practice magic, easily making different types of Wyverns, Wind Elementals and spiders.

(ok i love BAK so many of my magic and stuff will be coming from there).

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I join Promethas!


On the artificial ring world of Harris,a small fleet of sleek and shiny Battleships,Cruisers,Repair Stations,and other space-ships that looked more like silver sharks than spaceships,stood still in the hangar bay,being repaired from the last fight with the Arcans.Rend,a gunner,stood over his chain gun,oiling it...

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3 days later,the small fleet is sent out into space...


Rend was still completing maintenance on his gun when some red blips on his radar appeared.He activated the COMLink."Sir,we've got a big ol' buttload o' junk heading for us."(You might have noticed this relates to a little to the intro video from starcraft)

"Blast it."


Rend activated a small warhead.5 seconds later the battlecruiser rocked and a small warhead shot out of it.It flew into the middle of the space junk and detonated.As the fleet went through,some of the junk crashed into various ships,but did almost nothing as the ships had shields.

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(OOC: Gives MaRhe a look, "Beware of the double-post, lest the Intergalactic Modders Fleet fall upon thee...")

Enriov Kultas marches into his office and flicks on the viewscreen.

A full view of the Arrowhead Province, his personal sector in the Outer Territories, is shown; a vast three-dimensional map of seven star systems, three asteroid fields, and fourteen warp warp points.

Zooming out, however, he notices a growing, parasitic, purple-ish colored sector.

"Dang Arcans," he mutters to himself, "Those New Age freaks just don't know when to stop."

"Indeed, they don't," comes a voice, out of the darkness, "But it is our job to teach them, isn't it, Enriov?"

At first, taken aback by this slinking presence in his room, Enriov Kultas reaches for his weapon, fearing an Arcan trick. But when the figure steps out of the gloom, his hand slides down to his thigh.

"Indeed, my Lord, indeed." says Kultas, humbly.

A few days later, a portion of the Fleet is launched to that growing Arcan presence, more of a scouting party than anything else, it is poorly crewed and prepared for defesnive battle only.

When the lead ship, the Imperial Promethas Vessal Arial, reaches the edge of Arcan space, they are confronted by what seems at first, a spacial anamoly.

Beamed back through space on a hyperbeam channel to SpaceBase 22, Enarrain Fosley, captain of the Arial reports to Kultas.

"A dark blue nebula directly ahead, mysterious in origin, but tachyon sensors detect no cloaked vessals. Suggest slow, but thorough investigation."

Back in his seat at SpaceBase 22, Kultas nods inpercievably and says, "Proceed."

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[qoute](OOC: Gives MaRhe a look, "Beware of the double-post, lest the Intergalactic Modders Fleet fall upon thee...")[/qoute]Srry.Just couldn't resist.Nobody was posting. ;D

Ok,I'll edit this post later,my mom is telling me to go to sleep.*Shudders and thinks what his mom will do if he doesn't go to sleep...*

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