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The tournament!!!


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ok master i am in the tourney but where is it

i dont ever see anyone on taht i am suppose to play so wtf can u give me someon else to play maybe thanks ???

you're playing me. when do you want to play? i can play any time now as long as it isn't christmas or the day after. b/c i'm busy both days. the day after is my brother's birthday so i MIGHT actually be able to get on if i have to.

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Game 1: Vilgent - Docnyar => Docnyar happely started building his base. Biggest mistake: Thinking he had a chance to last longer then 3 minutes. Docnyar was whooped off the map in less then 3 minutes by Vilgent.

Game 1: Vilgent - Docnyar => Docnyar received some tips from Vilgent. While Vilgent was explaining things, Docnyar kept on building up his base and army. He'd show his wrath to Vilgent this time (what was I thinking). After some little exploring on the map, Docnyar noticed the large force of Minos that Vilgent had been buidling up. Docnyar's biggest mistake: no good exploration of the map. The Mino's moved in while Docnyar again got his ass whooped off the map very easely.

Conclusion, Docnyar sucks badly and needs to improve quickly ;D

Thanks for the lesson Vilgent :)

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Received a message from Vilgent for a 3rd game. "Heck, why not, I've learned so much, I can beat him this time".

Again, happely building my base. Spreading my infantry, putting them on infantry rock. No sweat right ? Building buzzsaws to take care of any infantry that dares to pop up their heads in my ba.... WTF... what are those 10.000 ordos chem troops doing in my base and WTH are they attacking my base for ? Oh wait, it's Vilgent shattering my dreams of a game lasting longer then 3 minutes...

Conclusion: Old people are happy people, no matter if they win or loose in a game ;D

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link=board=7;threadid=7547;start=60#msg111702 date=1040365694]


how bout i, challenge you. havent been around, and im sure people would like to see you put in your place.
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