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The tournament!!!


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Bah like it was ever gonna work. most ppl who sign up dont play very often anyways... i lost interest about 2 weeks after it started getting organized. Hell, You cant start a damn tournament and say it starts in 2 fuckin months! Thats so long im sure just about everyone did the same as i did, Forgot about it.

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hehe good but see we have a problem...some poeple arent home during holidays so after asking people how shauldi do it we decided to post matchs the gamers play there 2 of 3 then the winner msg me and we go on with the continuing whenever then can play therem atch the 2 gamers will contact each other to play if you can not contact each other IM me for there contact...it wil save us some loses during holidays i know its no how it was suposed to be...but i wanted a full tournement and not 1/4 of one so i will re post games soon ;D

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vigvirus vs. marcel71

omega621 vs. deathy911

rag3d3mon vs. v3ngence

goafhgbop vs. magoo442

d3k vs. mdkfrost

qakibop vs. die4hnr

earedil vs. gzakiller

darkkavu7 vs. faluzure

mast3rbop vs. dunenewty

generalLutz vs. brennq

that is the original list i will update it shortly with ne additions and 1-2 participants that left

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