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  1. Btw maxpower did play generals for a few days but then chose WC...i played a game with him that was set up on msn a few minutes before...then again that was in march i think... master-
  2. Im preparing a clan site soon :D
  3. its a great game! :D
  4. fuzion we really need to 2 on 2 some guys....lol
  5. BRAVO

    Red Vs. Blue!

    :P i was joking bu seriously it was not funny i love the landstraad :P
  6. BRAVO

    Red Vs. Blue!

    ::) heh only landstraad's cauld be so ignorent :P
  7. lmao indeed...fuzion...GET ON MSN!!! we have to start kicking arse :P peace aggy
  8. BRAVO

    Red Vs. Blue!

    its alright m8..i just feel bad for the dude...
  9. indeed but you can't use any map...
  10. well....GET TO IT!!!! lmao... peace master-
  11. i didnt see xvaine in ages..maxpower is in WC and yea... ;D
  12. BRAVO

    Red Vs. Blue!

    dude thats not funny that kid is from montreal (where i live) and that kid is very unhappy and he "isint all there"...so please be carefull about what you say...
  13. well snoop around clanwars site you will see wariors ladder and clan ladder... were going to start next month...(in 2 days).. oh and we need more members lol at least 2 more... peace strategist
  14. done we need more people :D
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