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The tournament!!!


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What do u mean "OOPS - DIE 4 HONOUR" and plus u spelled it wrong it is die4honr and i would like to see u challnge *FEW*

now YOU know what it's like to have someone spell your name wrong. now you see why i get so pissed off. SEE?

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Hey Nyar, sorry man I've been real busy latly but I am free now, we'll play later tonight or tommarow k?

And btw handshake failed means someone d/c'ed or the host quit..

No worries mate.

Yeah, already figured out what happened. It's midnight here, so I need to go now, but probably see you tomorrow !

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nyar i beat 3 times hehe ;D (it was fun for both of us )

It was funny. Heck, I didn't know anything. The first match was fairly quick over, although I lasted more then 3 minutes ;D

I don't know how long the 2nd game lasted, but in my mind ages. I think this was the best of the 3. I palyed with another guy, but he left. I was then alone against Matser and Skum2 (I believe). Although Master didn't do much, after a while I got whipped off the map, but fun nontheless.

The 3rd game.. I was happy building my base and when I had put down my 3rd building, a massive Ordos attack game (God only knows under which rock that army crawled from). This game was over in less then 3 minutes.

I had fun, which my play was all about and you will definately see me online more, so be aware ;D

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By the way nyar i started attack and finished you off didnt do much my anus lol your the one who built engis to defend your base lol :P

I never build engies !? If your talking about the 2nd game we played, you probably mean the base the dude I was playing with transferred to me just before he lft me out to hang. I moved most units out of that base (except of infantry). I already had difficulties defending my own base, let alone two :)

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