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Doc uses the tricorder and sends the data as Lord J had shown him.

After a while the needed tools and equipment is being transported. Doc nods approvingly and gets to work. While Sir Sard and Lord J fight the forces outside the walls, Doc finishes the defense. Once done, he turns on the electrical defense, combined with "holy bolt". As soon as the system starts working, a blue-ish light shines from the defensive wall.

Suddenly a blue-ish bolt frees itself from the wall and hurls towards Dust Scout. As soon as it hits Dust Scout, a loud scream is heard and when all clears up a remaining spirit of Dust Scout looks around him with a clueless face. Doc walks up to him with a smile and says "you're free my fiend"...

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"Um... gosh... thanks..." Dust Scout's ghost smiles in confusion. "Er...what's going on? And why am I a fiend?" He goes through a few seconds of ghostly remembering. "Oh...did I really..." He pauses. Doc Nyar nods.

"Look, you'd better take this." Dust Scout's ghost reaches into his head and pulls out a black sphere, "It's part of Balkoth's conciousness, I'm sure I can trust you with it."

The sphere is cold to the touch, and it rediates evil...

"I'm sorry I can't give you anything nicer to say thank you..." the ghost looks embarassed, "But If you die I'd be glad to keep you company." He sees to look on the doctor's face. "Oh, um... guess that wasn't very cheerful was it? What should I do now sir?"

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