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What if Gahnima....


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Atreus was Agamenmon's father... Clytemnestra was Ag's wife.

I should read the iliad again, but, logicly, the aTReides are coming from Atreus, but started with Ag's and Clyt's childs, no?

Because, I think Ag's only had child with Clytemnestra....

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A few spoilers here, if you haven't read the books:

There are (at least) three Letos (is that correct pluralization?) in Dune. Leto, father of Paul Muad'Dib Atreides, killed by poison gas tooth when captured by Baron Harkonnen. Leto, first son of Paul Atreides, killed by Harkonnen (I think) soldiers in thier attack upon Paul's seitch. Leto II, Paul's second son, became God Emperor of Dune and died through Ixian betreyal.

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