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What's the most painful experience you've ever had?

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Where is your "Fed2k 'Fro Club Member #X" ? hmm? :P

I was thinking of getting rid of mine. Until school starts, then I might become a hobo. Kinda like the littlest hobo, walking around saving people from other people. And then taking off for another town/city.

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*grabs warrant* Hereby I have been given permission by the holy white greatness to say: "Get on topic you fools!". Or this thread will be locked by someone who has the power to do so (...) Thereby all offtopic posts will be treated as violations of the law and posters of those posts will be posted in the hall of shame.

yours sincerely,


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I know what you mean. I got something like that in the swimming pool.

there are those rubber like floating boards were you can play with. I jumped up one of them from the side of the pool and I slipped and rammed my teeth against it, losing about eight of them in the process, though they grew back.

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Well I got hit by a car and had my front tooth chipped... unfortunately I was too old to have another tooth grow in its place.

Was it painful?

Not really. The shock numbed the pain, and I was able to crawl to the side of the road. Anyway I had actually twisted my left arm pretty bad, and I had it in a sling for about 2 weeks.

As for the tooth, well that got nicely filled in by a dentist and its good as new.

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