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Umm...Ok, Terror wins! Because of the oddness of this thread, I'll go ahead and say Terror's "Fatality" round was just taken. Close enough anyway. Pretty barmaids...That's what we all think about ;)

Ok, since Ethan is appearantly still active, but he just killed himself, I'll carry him over to a new fight. Edric has appearantly forgotten about his role in this thread, so he's kicked out.

Fight Announcment!

Ethan vs. Earthnuker! Frodo vs. Terror! Begin Combat!

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Aha, so you're my new enemy eh? well so be it :)

*Terror changes character from alien to knight*

Like Frodo takes Sting out of his sheath, Terror draws his long sword and kite shield. Terror charges forward and instead of using his sharp longsword in his first strike he uses his big and heavy kite shield to blow right into Frodo's face.

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Acriku v. Twin Head.

Ackriku attacks, Twin Head defends.

Coin flipped.

Acriku: 4

Twin Head: 8

Acriku and Twin Head will enter Final Combat in the next round. Will Twin Head add an ear to his belt? Or will Acriku stomp some Zergling butt?
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When the blue firey smoke disappears, Acriku steps back as the ultralisk still stands, curled. His adrenaline pumps higher and higher, the sweat covers his body profusely, and he realizes this may be the end. That is why he must give it everything he's got. He retreats from the charred ground and picks up two fragmentation grenades. He readies his plasma rifle and assault rifle. He chants an ancient text that immediately surges his body with energy and calms his head down. He looks towards the ultralisk and starts to run. He unpins both grenades and tosses them across the floor under the ultralisk and fires at it with the rifles while still running. This is now or never.

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Frodo then, seizing the opportunity, sweeps Terror's legs from under him and has Sting awaiting a stab.

Terror's is annoyed because Lord_Johnsonius keeps giving him bad points :)

but Terror keeps figting on and spins back to dodge one of Frodo's jabs. After this dangerous but effective manouvre he slams his shield once again in Frodo's face (doesn't that hurt little kobold?) and uses his long sword to make a seemingly lethal move towards Frodo, as Terror is trying to cut his head off (sounds lethal eh? )

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Ok Terror is greatly annoyed now... my fists with metal gloves and my 50 pound shield doesnt seem to affect that little bugger at all....well in that case i'll use the lethal weapons....

GODDAMMIT YOU LITTLE BUGGER, DIE! Terror points his longsword in Frodo's direction... turns his body (not changing the swords direction) and slams Frodo in the back so he is slammed towards the sharp point of the longsword

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