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Alrighty, I'm going to try and usher in a new fighting style. It should be interesting.

This is how it works:

A person submits a character or agrees to fight as a character and he is matched with another player. Then, the first player, the person fast enough to write the first post following the fight's announcment, attacks. The second fighter has the option of attacking or defending. This goes on for five rounds, and the person with the most points is allowed a "fatality" post. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what that is :)


Gobalopper vs. Mahdi

I announce the fight.

Gobalopper makes the first move.

"Growling menacingly at the short dwarf across the battlefield from him, the gigantic Yeti called Gobalopper leaps high into the air and falls toward Mahdi."

Mahdi's turn.

He opts to defend.

"Quickly, utilizing the wierding way, Mahdi dodges out from under the massive furry hunk."

I accept both posts and flip a coin.

Because Attacking and defending are both simple aspects of hand-to-hand combat, the properties are close enough to equal that I simply flip a coin for 50/50 chance.

Mahdi, tails, wins 1 point for the first wave.

Taking advantage of the situation, Mahdi is quick enough to attack in the next post.

"Mahdi stands and watches the Yeti closely, looking for any sign of weakness, then attacks with a swift scissor-kick."

Gobalopper, as menacing as ever, opts to use the second post as a counter-attack.

"Gobalopper grabs the dwarf's leg and twists in a quick attempt to break it...Snarling into the helpless dwarf's face."

A counter-attack is very different than defence, and so I give the attacker a 25% modifier.

For Mahdi, I roll a 8-sided dice, bringing up the number 5.

For Gobalopper, I use a 6-sided dice, bringing up the number 6.

Now both Mahdi and Gobalopper have scores of 6.

Gobalopper takes the next round and attacks. And so one it goes for 3 more rounds, a total of 5 rounds.

Gobalopper wins the fight, and is entitled to a fatality wave.

"Grinning with malice of most evil intent at the momentarily stunned Mahdi, Gobalopper runs forward at full speed and rips the Dwarf to shreds."

This will probably be most like a tournament, and any form of combat is applicable, including hand-to-hand combat, knives, swords, axes, guns, tanks, fighter jets, deep space cruisers, armies and even magic.

You should type as if the moves are half-completed, so that the strike doesn't hit unless the dice say so.

I got permission from Mahdi via IM for the use of his name in this post, I sent an IM to Gob, but he never replied.

Anyway, you're all invited to join by adding your name in a post below, or IMing me.

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Alright, I'll pair Edric with Atreides Legend and Twin Head with Drop Zone.

Go ahead and begin the fights,. Remember, the first post belongs to the Attacker and the following to the Defender. It s up to the defender wether he defends or counter-attacks, and please make that clear in your post.

Ethan, I'll wait until you have a worthy adversary and message you about what to do. Have fun all!

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Edric's eyes glow a deep red while he faces his opponent, Kane.

"Your thoughts betray you, creature. You are no Terran! I can see... yes, you are an agent of the Dark Empire of the Scrin. I will not allow your tainted influence to spread to Aiur!"


Summoning the latent psionic energies of his noble race, the Protoss warrior channeled the raw psi though himself, creating a swirling, chaotic Psionic Storm around his enemy.

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I'll play an alien (seen in the movies alien/aliens/alien3/alien resurrection and the games AvP and AvP2

small description:

Weight: unknown (i think about 200 pounds)

Size: Over 2 meters tall when stretched

Specials: It has pure acid for blood

It is incredible fast

Very strong (it can drag human bodies without even slowing down)

It can climb walls

It can regenerate healt by eating it's victims

It has an inner jaw instead of a tongue with which it can punch trough skulls, bodies whatever you want.

Razor sharp teeth and nails

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Alright, Ethan, you wanna take Ex?

Ok, Twin Head and Drop Zone: Your attacks meet and you are both knocked down from the ferociousness of the fight.

Dices rolled, your scores are:

Twin Head: 1

Drop Zone: 1

Welcome aboard Ex and Enuker. Edric and Atreides: You guys can start whenever you're ready :)
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(so who goes first?) ???

The Eyeball decides to use long-lange attack,

he rares up then looks daggers at tyuo and the daggaers fly across the room,

screams of cheers erupt from the invisable crowd

, the daggers close in...

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Whoever posts first after my announcement goes first :) This game is as much speed as it is anything else :)

Excuse my post above, I thought Terror was Ex, those dang avatars will confuse the whey out of you. Welcome aboard, Terror.
The next fight is Terror v. Ethan, unless you guys have any problems with that. Either way, in the words of Mortal Kombat: "It has begun!"
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The behemoth spider Earthnuker circles around the protoss Edric O. A wholesome meal indeed.

With amazing speed, Earthnuker flings his frontal legs to Edric O, who deflects the blows with his psi-blades- but the end of Earthnukers paws are made extra thick parts of the exoskeleton and do not break.

Then, he jumps towards Edric, using four paws in an insane frenzy while shrieking manicly.

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ok, the swordfighter sneaks around and does a little tae kwon do on Terror.

Terror's alien body is faster than Ethan suspects and he is able to evade the blow. Quickly Terror turns around and uses his 7 feet long sharp tail to make a hit in the direction of Ethan. At the same time Terror also spits a bit of his acid blood out of his mouth at ethan. Unluckily though he only hits ethans leg because he reacted so quickly meaning that the acid damage was minimal.

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