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Dune Fan Fiction / RPG


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All right, in an attempt to be on topic, I'd like to begin a sort of hybrid fanfic/RPG thing. Basically we make up a character or more than one character that would fit in the Duniverse and throw them in a situation together and kinda see what happens. All Houses and factions are okay. Anybody up for it?

- Sarah

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OK! Lets get started!

My staff/assistants include:

Many Messengers, 6 spys, 5 Assains, 20 Heavy Inftery with OPTIONAL shields, and 2 level two guild navagators.

Personal Abilities:

Able to see into the near future, High diplomatic status that makes demands, and command of the assistents; may call for more people.

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30 futars claim lost sand buggys and send out to Gedi prime and in an attemp in gllobal terrorism, move in to the largest fuel plant and seize the control box, from here they send messages to (whoever owns the planet) and demands the (owner) to give them acces to a fraction of the planet or they close the pumps then ditch the safty valves shut down the filtering, this then causing huge amounts of oil to flush into the shut pipes overflowing them then causing is to surface onto the allready buring oil field.

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