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Emperor Harkonnen

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Enviroment have huge infuence on appereance. Like there where is a lot of sun people have dark skin and living there where is lack of sun have blue eyes and fair hair. People living on the North have asian like eyes, becouse its protecting eyes from sun`s blinks on snow and ice. But true, Ordos may have different appereance, its not Earth.

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Ordos do have asian features cause they live on an ice world, I mean have you ever walked the land where everything is pure white - I did and I hardly kept my eyes opened....

One thing about the Harkonnen is sure - they are white people cause the " toxical shield " lol that covers the Giedi Prime never alows any solar beams to pass through ;)

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            From what I've read in Frank and Brian Herbert's books, the Atreides look like Greeks or Spaniards to me. They have a greek name. If you've read the Illiad you'll know that Agamemnon and Menelai, the famous Greek kings, were called the "Atreides brothers". Also, athe Atreides of Dune's universe have Spanish customs, like bullfighting...

             Anyway, they look like they have a Mediterranean origin.

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