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I have a forum? Cool!

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shirokko, you are an moderater here but there isn't much to moderate...

That's why we have you here, to keep us bussy moderating here. .. ;)

The second part I can feel something for. 6 months ago [ or so ] we would occasionally see some posts of you in other boards aswell.

What's the expression for it .. . Don't be a stranger ?


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Shiroko is in the military so that takes up a lot of his time.

Espicially in the county / region he lives in. Some times I'm even supprised he still has an internet connection.

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yeah, but it seems like i'm almost the only one that posts/visit this board.

I'll take it you've missed all the other members who poted above here then ?!

[ what am I talking about, there are just 3 others ::) ]

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