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  1. unfortunately, i dont think i have enough cash to get a new video card naytime soon :'(. guess it could be a while before i start playing emperor.
  2. a while back, i posted here a little bit asking for help on my emperor cd, which for some reason wouldnt run. after a while i gave up, but i feel i cant just let the cd collect dust all day, so can u guys help a bit? here's what happens: i start the game, it begins to load... then it gives me a fatal error message saying 'unable to create 3d device'. Then it immediately gives me another a C++ Runtime Library message, saying 'runtime error! abnormal program termination'. i have a 450 athlon processor, an ancient voodoo 3 with updated drivers, updated direct x, was recently reformatted, etc. if there's any info u need that's missing, then tell me and i'll give it to you. thanks for any advice.
  3. hey, i was just curious, does the monitor resolution possibly have anything to do with this problem?
  4. hmmm... still stuck, nothing seems to work....
  5. im sure that everything that u asked about the video card is alright, and no i have no spare video card to use instead. ill check my comp again to make sure everything should be up to speed. by the way, what's that thunder symbol next to my name for anyways?
  6. what, a complete reinstall :O? i just had the comp reformatted last month. do i really have to scratch install again?
  7. what if i already did, am i outta luck?
  8. well, when i start the game, the stupid Emperor screen shows up (not the main menu, though), then the screen goes black. After a few seconds, a fatal message comes up saying "unable to create 3d device". Then an error message comes right after that, and says in these words: runtime error! Program D:GamesEmperorGame.exe abnormal program termination then i end up back in desktop
  9. i give up, i just cant figure out what's wrong. :'( crap why cant the damn game work?
  10. nevermind, i managed to type it in, but it didnt work though. well, im gonna install the old drivers for my vid card soon (after the AP tests, actually). thanx for the help guys.
  11. hey, the comp wont let me ad a -c to the target line on the shortcut properties. what do i do to get it to work?
  12. thanx for the suggestions, ill try em out soon.
  13. o yeah, one last thing. outta curiosity, how's getting an older driver gonna help? i dont think ur advice is useless by anymeans, just wondering, that's all.
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