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Is this project still going?!

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To the Arrakis2K project leader:

Hello. I'm really looking foreward to seeing this game, but your lack of posts force me to conclude that this project is no longer in progress. Could you please try and have the main site updated once in a while, whether there is anything important to say or not? even something like "Same as last update." would do, and would at least let people know that you are still doing something. The site hasn't been updated in over 2 months, which is telling me that this project may have been halted. If this is so, at least tell us that this is true, so that we are not anticipating the release of a "phantom game". Thank you for your time.


Adrian N

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Well MarS is still working on the engine... I don't know if we will ever finish the game but yes we are still technically working on the game just not as much as say 6 months ago.

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yes it is.

im working hard on quadtree landscape now.

Real - time 3d takes a while to learn...

but the game is progressing.

the real problems have preety much been solved..

landscape should be up and running as soon as i get quadtree going..

there's no point in releasing source code until something which is worthy (such as a demo) is released.

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