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  1. when saving water wouldn't it be more efficient to breath in through your mouth and out through your nose than the other way around. im pretty sure the novel/movies say in through the nose, out through the mouth. that doesn't make sence. Sincerly Tobias Ussing
  2. i would make a house called House Communism. Its only weapon would be alot of men running around assimilating people into the communistic dictator ship that rules the homeplanet of House Communism. Every one within 3 cells of an assimilater becomes commits suicide for the good of his new people. Maybe an airplane with big speakers that played the Communistic song of House Communism homeworld to convert people, and increase the moral of your own people. Tobias Ussing
  3. you know your a Dune fantic when your behavier is being influenced by the fact that you the next Dune book isn't out yet. Like me :)
  4. sorry for not replying in a while, i have been away. I hate US and France. But only the government, not the people in the country. And i agree with ordos45 completely. I'm from Denmark, Europe, Earth, The Solar System, The Known Universe, The Universe.
  5. why would it be harder to implement coop campaign over wan than lan?
  6. you can do two things, browse the cd. You can often run the setup directly instead of going trough the autostart. else search the registry for refferences to the dir where you installed star ship troppers (e.g. c:program filesstar ship troopers) and delete them. This can also be done safer by using and registry cleaner like norton utillitiez windocter. You should be able to find a freeware registry cleaner somewhere.
  7. I have no problem with a country with a rank system, nor the rank system there is in ST. The problem i have is when the people at the top earns more than the people at the bottom. Everyone is equal, in the essence that everyone is doing their part for sociaty, not that there isn't rank.
  8. the rank is against communism? i can't understand what your saying. Rank does not go against the idea of communism
  9. im not saying it will work, i just hope it will. :)
  10. whops, wrong part of the forum. MoiDib, ofcourse there is a chain o' command. But the person higher in the chain gets more respect, but he also get the blame if something goes wrong. Still its communistic.
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