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  1. How ya gonna make the AI work, just rush all his units every so many minutes or like build teams and attck?
  2. TS, RA2, and EMP have problems with AMDs, they have some type of programing incorporated into all RTS that have been semi-3d or 3d that don't co-operate with AMDs
  3. Actually, it's man for man, the fremen kill a sardukar, the rest of the group kill the fremen that killed the sardukar.
  4. I won another PIV, it was on Colonize.com. SWEET.
  5. WESTWOOD GAMES DON'T LIKE AMDS I have a PIV 1.5, 764 SRDAM, Cable, DVD 16x, A new CD drive 40x, APG 3D graphics card, Cable modem, with a 80 GB and 20 GB drives. I don't have that much of a problem except I have a AGP card which isn't too fast with dune. It runs perfect with my PIII 600, 320 SDRAM, 40x, AGP, Cable, 10 GB. Studders sometimes when new songs are loading and slows, not stops when there are alot of units.
  6. Samsung 40x, Emperior overheated and fried it.
  7. I make fake harvesters, has anyone tried to make a worm with the ix?
  8. reinstall the Runtime librarys manually from the CDrom.
  9. When I was running emperior, I used the +w thing in the readme file so I could watch the movies. But when I was playing the game started to just do weird things, it first slowed, became choppy and then proceded to read the CD ROM. It did that for about 5 minutes, then the blue 'CD IS NOT IN CRIVE' screen appeared and I kept pressinf enter, but the screen kept appearing! So I gave up and pressed escape, so I was back to the game and it was running perfectly, I won in a few seconds with sardukar destroying the Harkonen. It went to the battle debriefing screen and locked up. I rebooted and tried to play, the CD wouldn ot bedetected, I tried mulitple times and then with other CDs, my CD drive is fried cuz of emperior! DON'T USE THE +W thing!!! Now, hopefully, westwood will help me or send me money or something, I don't know, but for the mean time, my CD rom drive will play somethings.. at 1 speed. I'm not pissed, but I'm very unhappy.
  10. prismtank


    I hate you! I love tanks!
  11. prismtank


    Yeah kill the purple one that *BEEP* MarS!;D [EDIT: This message has been censored by the A2k censorry commission ;)]
  12. prismtank


    Yes as a weapon, reflect and concentrate the beam into a focused channel. Also has anyone though of the Idea for a ATOMIC DESTABLISER? It basicly breaks down the Strong Nuclear Bonds holding the protons together so the unit and anything unlucky enough to get into range is a pile of stray particles. Ion Tank? Hey Stiglar, nice to see ya! Haven't seen ya at RAX, they have a forum you know.
  13. prismtank


    Prism Tank!!! If dune is so hot how come there isn't a prism tank?
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