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Kwisatz Haderach bugs: post here

Edric O

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i thought Magenta was that red head that hung out with Rift-raft, ya know the guy that was holding the gun that looked like a *sour-bread dill-dough* for Wilson Philips ;D

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I've made all the Corrino units gold, now (with nice yellow headlamps!). And the infantry all have some Sardaukar purple on them, and I've made the sniper look ordossy, as well as made a slasher model by giving a sard elite some ordos textures. But I will reveal them when v2 is teleased.

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Okay, I did that with Gimp. The imperial Logo looks great, how come it does that?

But the Smugglars Logo, why won't that work?

Perhaps we should call it what the old imerial one was so the computer doesn't get confused?

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"Requesting!!! You're attention please"

To whom it may concern.

*.cmp is it?

Is that what wee are after for voices?

Well, this may be helpful, but it may not.

Main Site




Download it.

Add the voice you want.

Right click on it.

Click, extract as .cmp


Will this work?

{BTW} I found this program when trying to find a Bag Editor, as DuneEx Beta doesn't work. But it doesn't tell you until after it's overwriten your old music.bag. So I lost all my music files.

We will have to add this Bag file to the zip in the Music file. It's not good to have customers do all the work like installing the new music, then losing it.

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Hmmm... Djcid just had a similar idea about the cmp format. Maybe we WILL put new unit voices in version 3 after all. :) But we have to finish v2 first.

Nema, your textures rule! I can't wait to see everything else... ;D

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All in good time. When the oceans dry up maybe.

But soon. Real soon.

I thought my Job was finished for now. Guess I am wrong.

More bugs to fix.

Stupid Smugglars Cannon.

Edric O's version crashing, while my exact copy isn't.


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The best way is to take an existing texture, change it around a bit, like altering colours (NB: true blue, and darker shades of it is reserved for house colours, magenta is see-through). Then work your way onwards.

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