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Kwisatz Haderach bugs: post here

Edric O

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The SW troopes?

What the h*** are they?

But we will not need to update the AI, due to the fact that the units still have Atreides names.

My list updated.

Make Slasher or Counterpart



*       Lansdraad Senate Chambers

*       Lansdraad Units

Fix Starport

Prune 3DDATA

Switch AT/ORADP names.

Send on to Nema.

*May come in next version.

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the super weapons that builds troops instead of weapon... was that idea trashed and i forgot? or is it still going to be implemented?

what aboot those storm shelters to protect ur infantry from that blasted storm... is it possible to make units inter a building (kinda like the engineer or atrides units) and then bring them back out?  if not then make a mobile storm chaser (name it what ever, but a vehicel no weapons just slow and lots o armor to ride the stom out (oh yeah make it hold more than 5 infantry) if a storm comes just close up shop.  reason i suggested make it slow is because u dont want someone loading one up with 20 engineers and zooming across an 8 player map.

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Yeah, the SW troops idea was trashed... they were too weak.

About the shelter: I don't think storms in Emp are severe enough to require that kind of a vehicle.

Jacob, maybe you should just edit the AI so it doesn't try to use Hawk Strike... Can you do that?

I think you should leave the Landsraad for the next version. I know you're working on KH at a frantic pace, so you shouldn't try to make it even MORE frantic. Unlike me, I heard you actually have a life. ;D

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but really u gotta love the srtom its the only way to get flying elite sards  ;D if not a vehicle then what aboot tents or something they can run into that are buit or deployed on sand a trike rides up and deploys as a camo-tent and units run inside to not get swept away *pinch*

ow oh yeah i think i was dreaming, that would be to hard or just impossible?

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briliant tie sand bags around their feet! or put rocks in their shoes  ;D  callem strom riders et them gather round a building do a chant and theres a storm in ur base!  ;D  what weapon should they have if making storm imune infantry?  and is it possible to make a infantry unit just lose helth in storm?

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ME, A life? Don't make me laugh. No really don't, I'm drinking Coke.

The Lansdraad will probably be left until the next version.

The last of my To Do:



Prune 3DDATA folder, you know, like the never used Ordos Laser Orni and Hero units.

Send on to Nema for Art texturing and Icon making.

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I think I can get rid of the black frame by editing the logo graphics and setting the color black as "transparent".

Come to think of it, you're right, you CAN play the campaigns (unless you eliminated some Incidental units... you didn't do that, right?)

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I tested the magenta backgrounds, and they do the trick. The Corrino logo now fits smoothly in the menus. But for some reason this didn't work for the Smugglers logo. I mean I still have the BLACK frame around it, as if I hadn't modified the file at all.

Isn't the Smuggler logo SM_Logo.tga?

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