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I've never tested, but, none.

In theory, they went to your datamodel folder? In which case, there would have been more then one Rules.txt in one folder, so you can only have one at a time any way.

But, in theory, the game will crash horribly.

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well whut would u suggest ? i'm looking for a mod with no adjustment to the other houses  (MAINLY REPLACING HOUSES)  except for changes to units, buildings, build time,speed and any thing else like that (new units are koo, too). i'm also looking for some nice changes in graphics (if possible) and sum other nice changes such as deviate duration and such. ...(and hopefully able to build the Ix or Guild MegaCannon!)

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Well I am pleased that someone liked my mod!

I hope the next mod (Conflict of the Landsraad) will be liked even more. (Except for those people who love Ordos and Atreides and Harkonnen, as they are relegated to sub-houses and crate units!).

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