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Dune 2000 tactics.

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Ok, as prommised some tactics for beginning Dune2000 players. This ones are for all you out there who play practice mode to prepair for the real LAN gaming ( or just if you are bored and home alone ;) ).

( playing against 1 - 2 AI's on a large map with worms high and founds to the max. )

1) Don't build a big defence around your base. Wait until the first enemy units comes to scout out the terrain. They always attact your base from one side, having on primairy access route to your base. Build a wall with rocked turrets behind them on that spot. A couple of infantry units in fromt and to the rear of it will stop almost any attack on your base for the upcomming hour.

2) Build 2 refinery's, one harvester is always attacked by a worm and you stay behind with nothing. It also brings in more money so you can build games more freely in the beginning. Then you should buy or build more harvesters and caryals. Remember, the spice must flow !

3) Don't rush things, defend your base for a long time, don't attact straight away. Take time to defend your base from all side ( one or two sides better see point 1 ) time to build the units you need and some backup units. Scout the enemy base to see what kinds of units they have, how many and where tey are located in their base. Look for weaknessis in the defence in the AI's defence, she always has some. A side that is defended by just 1 or 2 turrets, a remote region of his base with no units, etc.

4) As I mentioned before, the spice must flow. Harvesters are inportant. You'll will have about 10 - 20 harvesters depending on the harvest field you have. And caryalls with them, a lot of harvesters is no good when they are contstantly waiting for eatchother to get picked up. When your harvest field isn't next to the enemy base but both you and your enemy are harvesting there, don't worry he won't attact.

5) A secundairy base isn't a "must have". You can do without. If you still wan't one don't send your MCV out to the new location without escort. Your enemy will most likely know ( when your new base is in front of your primairy ) and destroy the MCV before or just after deployment.

6) Before the big attact on your adversary assemble your army at a place near to the enemy base. If you start from yours the different units moving at different speeds will scatter themselfs

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the worst thing is building concrete. upgrade your cyard when there's the opportunity to. use ONLY the second concrete slab (except for the first windtrap). What i do is play Ordos. Build 3 raiders ASAP and charge them up and surround the enemy, after that charge in to see his entire base, as enemy wont have accurate units with good ranges yet. after that get some combat tanks and harrass their harvesters.

The AI is quite dumb, they always attack one side. remember habbayana erg? if u start at the top and always attack from the left and not below. the top player has the total advantage. he just needs to sit missile tanks (starport)  at the ridge edges and the enemy will lose half his army before reaching your base.

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Playing against the AI is a lot different from playing against a "real" persone. Every different persone has an other tactic. The AI doesn't. ( logic because it's the same persone. ) So the AI is predictalbe.

Here's a list of things the AI will most likely do.

1) In the beginning of the game he attacks you with units and an occasionally engeneer. Just a few units at first, then the group becomes bigger.

2) The AI is limmited to 2 refinery's ( I thought It ware 2, can be 1 more but not a lot. ). He will never build more. An MCV or second base is also out of the question. He also doen't use walls that suuround his base.

3) When he has the abbilety to build bigger units he will use that at ones. But he doesn't attact with them in a rendable manner. He doesn't assemble a army, just sends them to you in small groups. ie. 3 devestators, 6 tanks / launchers and about 25 infantry. Now this isn't a verry precies estamet but it gives an idea of what could be a massive attact from the AI. He just keeps sending groups like this and smaller to you, that's almost all he does.

4) When you attack his base ( not a massive attack, just small units ) he attacks you right away. Retalliation ;D. He usually has a couple of units stacked up in his base. He will use these to attack your base.

5) Harvesters. Don't go harvesting on the path his units take when they go to your base. If you follow this rule you can get away with a lot. He won't go attacking harvesters not on his path. Even if you harvest on the same field as his harvesters he probbebly won't attack you. But if he has units other than harvesters at his harvesting field, he will attack you.

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Now, you've played the multiplayer practice scenario till you droped to the floor and you want the real thing. You are going to play in a LAN or on the Net against a real persone. You are ready for it, you think ! Gess again, you've thought wrong. On the Net you'll loose ! So be prepaired !

Real people are unpredictable the first time you see them play. They do things you never thought possible and they make mistakes you havn't made sinds your first practice game.

- the thing about the AI only attacking one side of your base, the site nearest to him. Forget about it. If you have a weak side, your aponent will find it and exploid it. Defend your base against outside attacks but be shure that if he should succeed in destroying a small part of your defence another part will take over that role. This can be turrets inside your base, or simply a large number of units behind your first defence. This is up to you.

- scout the map ! Intell is power !

If you can see the movements of his troops along the map you can predict them ( slightly ).

- first defence, than defence / scout and finaly attack / defence.

- don't become predictable in the game. If you do the same thing over and over again it starts to notice. Your enemy will take advantage of this and decieve you. I fore instance change my harvest field evry couple of minutes. Be unpredictable. Don't send the same units contstantly in the same formatiion. Attack his base from various directions.

- it always helps to attack his harvesters. He get's enoid because he has to watch them and defend his harvest field. And when is can't harvest he isn't getting any solari. But don't give to mutch attention to them. You are distrected in a way as well. Use a thumper infantry to attract worms for instance.

- when you begin with your big attack upon his base be shure that you are defended well and have units to spare ( to defend your base, just in case ). If the attack should fail you have to have something left to play with. Or if he is better than you thought you have this extra reserve.

- when you've scouted his base, army, defence etc. don't wait to long before you attack him. You get more units and he gets more units. If you wait to long he could get verry strong in no time ( he might supprice you in that ) and you harn't strong enough anymore to attack him. This doen't mean you have to attack verry soon or rush. ( please don't rush ! ). Just pick the right time, based on your progress and his.

Playing against people mostly takes experians. You can not apply the same tactic over and over again. Different people react different to the same tactic. The AI is verry predicable in his counter actions. You have to slightly change you tactic to the persone your playing against.

Good luck :)

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Troughout the years the AI has evolved also. "Newer" AI's have the abillety to "adapt" ( respond is mayby better )  to the phisical person that play's the game. But still this adaption is predictable in a way. :)

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Yeah I supose so, Like the AI in quake 2 bots.  ::) The Computer learns from the Player. They need to integerate some Computer memory in the AI Oponents. Like if the Blue colored Com got beaten by the player  :'( . It needs to memorize what the Player did in the Map. ( Attacked with Alot of Orni's Deva's Deviators etc ) :D

That would really rock.

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Whenever the AI attack someone, they send all their units. Once when I was attacking an AI base, another AI player joined in and as I went up to look at their base less than 5 mins l8er, all I found was concrete slabs. Another AI had wiped it out!

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i know this is an old thread but i will still post this. (i keep old threads that i think are rellevent.) to get alot of experiance, beat the game on easy with all houses, on normal with all houses, and then on hard with all houses. so if you play against someone with your favorite house and say it is the Atreides and they are the Atriedes you will have no experiance being against the house you like.

hope it helps any one who reads this

that better ???

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