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  1. its phil :) is i me or does no one post stuff any more well its as if dune has gone dead but no i well not stop playing it tell my last breath for me this is my life my sdul LONG LIVE THE DUKE!!!!!
  2. i need help on REGISTERing dune 2000 i have the new patch for it its just i need to register and my dune wont let me
  3. if yuo r playing practice with a bunch of anthors on a small map youll get wiped out (its me a new member bakomusha my computer is messed up so some times ill be posting as my brother philsk8thrill ill put bako musha at the bottem of the message ween its me
  4. hey i know ps is dead and ps2 is all the rage but i want to know is there going to be more dune games for ps like dune 3000 lol and if not how about any for ps2 ;D
  5. the problem is that it cant locate dune 2000
  6. i have tryed all the editors the wont work maybe its cuz i downloaded the game
  7. i downloaded Shai-Hulud 2000 it wont work on my computer
  8. hey i was wondering if theres an map maker for dune 2000 not just a map packet and if there r some one please give me an url
  9. what should i set the game speed for pc that makes it the same speed as ps ??? please help
  10. this is a little off tobic but what speed should i set it on to best make it seem like ps version
  11. well buy an old windows 98 one and us it only for dune2k
  12. thanks dude maybe i can play u one of these days
  13. i didnt say i never use them and for the retard ai i only use this, now when i do link game with ps i dont use that i use somethang way differnt but i ant going to tell u cuz u called me a newbie and i have been playing it since it first came out on saga ;D
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