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Plays as Imperial side?

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Why do people wanna play as the Imperial side, anyway? I mean, their most advanced unit is the m-tank, and they only have sards, so isn't any other house better?

Their only advantage is that their units are a little tougher than the rest, but thats about it.

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each hosue has a special certain powerful unit

Atreides:Sonic Tank


Ordos:that one missile launcher that causes ur units to turn on u


Does this solve it? Ohh and u could only capture 1 house struntures on mission 8 for atreides as far as i know

so u could go for devastator or the gas missile

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u forgot

fremen house: have elite fremens  ,  a bit stronger but visible

mercenary; they have cool heavy factory,  its a bit  hard to destroy  plus they can purchase infanry throught starport and they get free reinforcements

smugglers; get  from one harvester 2x spice.  they only steal spice from dune

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