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  1. So, is there any substitution that can be done at all? I'm sure that some people have built civilian buildings before.
  2. Yeah, I just changed 'Incidental' to 'Atreides' under the 'House' selection. What must I do, exactly? Including those other few references?
  3. I have TibEd, and I was wondering if you could make it so that you can build civilian buildings in single player campaign and skirmish. I've tried allocating each of the buildings to a particular house in the editing program, (Atreides, in my attempt) but none of them showed up in the building bar once the game was started. Is there something else I have to do?
  4. Naja

    More on TibEd

    No, I meant as in the single player campaign when you destroy the computer's harvester/carryall and a reinforcement arrives from somewhere off the map. I was asking if that was the value it stood for. Is that the case?
  5. One last thing, what does 'harvreplacement delay' stand for? Is that how long it takes for an enemy to be reinforced with a new harvester/carryall?
  6. I hope this is the right board to do this on. :O So yes, I have TibEd, and the main thing I want to edit is the occurence of dust storms. Essentially, to make them as infrequent/non-existant as I can for campaigns. This is the display under 'general,' regarding it: StormKillChance = 127 StormMinWait = 7500 StormMaxWait = 1500 StormMaxLife = 2500 StormMinLife = 2000 Now, I've tried playing with these before, but I learned quickly that I was seriously playing with fucking fire; as I watched in stark horror as 10..11..12..13 tornadoes started spawning in my base. ??? Can anyone tell me what each of those 5 properties stand for, and what I could edit to get the above-stated desire of mine? Thanks.
  7. Well guys, I think it's solved. Mom and I called tech support in New Delhi and it turns out to be a defective video card. Since we're signed up with a warranty, we get a free replacement. I think I'll end up just fine. Who knows...I might be playing against you guys soon, for the first time! :) Thanks again for the long period you have been helpful for. 8)
  8. Now my computer won't boot up at all! Maybe the comp is just fried and needs fixing?
  9. ...Actually, no. The problem is a device failure of some kind. Probably a video card/display feature? Because Emperor has crashed before, forcing me to reboot my computer, saying something to the effect of 'Windows has experienced a device failure and you must reboot, yada yada yada.' When I restarted Windows, it had the whole shpeel of 'Windows has recovered from a device failure' and it mentioned something about a display device, about how perhaps I should go to the provider for an update? I dunno. I don't understand why it's failing -now.- Ya know? What to do, now?
  10. Hey dudes and dudettes, I tried exactly what was stated above, and it worked! I'm back to playing Dune!!! ;D My only problem now is a very buggy comp, and I would really like some help on that: I have a Dell Pentium 2 (or is it 3?) with Windows XP (obviously) and there seems to be something amiss. I know it can't be a virus, and the memory space on my computer is just great. What's wrong is that during Emperor (or anything else that is more 'modern' in the gaming world that happens to be on my comp, like Jedi Academy, Warcraft 3, etc) the game keeps freezing at odd intervals. I don't understand, because I have put the game graphics/display at minimal levels, and have even uninstalled several space-hogging programs off of my computer. I even had the thing defragged not too long ago. All of these games worked fine a while ago. And back then, my computer had EVEN MORE shit on it. It's just perplexing. Do I need more ram, or what? It just very recently (like past month/s) started acting very slow and freezy. >:(
  11. I used to be Christian, myself. But to me, I simply realized that no one particular religion has a monopoly on the nature of Truth and God. No diss to Christians, or Muslims, or anyone: it is in my own belief structure that Christianity is one of many paths. Though I strongly disagree that democracy is unattainable without Christianity. First off, the textbook definition of democracy has actually never been documented ever in history. Much like communism, it is just a theory that has been aspired to. (Republic to democracy, socialism to communism) Though if you mean 'democracy' as in the Western ideal of a modernized, representitive democracy (republic) government with the persuit of general well-being for the majority of the population, I have one word for you: Turkey. ;D Verymuch so an Islamic country, a man named Attaturk transformed Turkey into a modern day 'Westernized,' secularized (as in the government cannot technically endorse a religion by say for example, punishing people according to the Koran, as some Islamic extremists do, and generally maintains a seperation between church and state that most Western countries aspire for) country in the early 20th century.
  12. I'm tellin you man, 10,000 Harkonnen engineers - bam. 8) Someone should make a mod allowing them to -pistol whip- other units for an instant kill. The Harkonnen would have a whole new dimension about them. ;)
  13. The contaminator kills all infantry (except for other contaminators - wouldn't that be a spectacle? :)) in one hit.
  14. That's a good point, yes. But the main problem with Tleilaxu units is their relative slowness. If it was any infantry other than Sardaukar or any other infantry type with BRUTAL firepower, it would matter not if only -one- contaminator could 'infect' one of the others...everything else would just follow in place. Aw hell, at least it would give you and your opponent a good laugh.
  15. There's kind of a mystique about playing as the Empire, as opposed to just another hum-drum, galactic fief.
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