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Who thinks Ordos and Atreides should ally and leave that pathetic hark in the dust?!I think WW should actually consider doing this in one of the games,where Ordos and Atreides overthrow The Executrix,get a better goverment and army,and better land!Long live Ordos and Atreides!

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LONG LIVE ORDOS AND ATREIDES?!?! Ummmm riggghhtt.. ???

No offence but I think you're forgetting some minor details:

"The Ordos are mercenary. They care for nothing, save wealth and power."

"The Atreides are LOYAL to their duke".

Sooner or later the Ordos would betray the Atreides and that would be the end.

Dune 2000 fans:

Have you played the mission in the Harkonnen campaign where you must destroy or capture the Ordos Palace? Once you do that, the alliance between the Atreides and the Ordos collapses!  ::)

It would never work. (Just my opinion)

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