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Ohh, I was wondering why you were lashing out at him also.  I see, it's that Eng-Arg rivalry.  People sure do get involved in this.  I was just reading an article about pissed off Portuguese people and a Korean who burned himself.  

The US has advance to the next round after successfully losing to Poland (lol)....next game is Mexico I think...should be tough.  

How many games do they play in this round?  Sorry I don't know much about it.

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the next is a win or get lost game ;)

as for the cheating, well every one cheat but I don't see that it's justified by that, FIFA fair play my ass, the refs has sucked too 18 cards in one game come on you see less cards at x-mas.

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Duke, i wasn't disagreeing that argentina shouldn't have had a pen.. they deserved it yeah.. however.. one of your players broke the rules by running into the box before the ball was kicked, also back in.. i can't even remember which year it was.. when you guys cheated us out with the so called 'hand of god'. I'm hardly gonna call your team fair, and besides that i was saying your 'Team' are cheating swines and they are and always have been. As for owen, your guy hacked his legs away, he didn't 'appropriately fall' he was taken out, lol. You'll find when the english get knocked over.. like a lot of other teams they get straight back up and run to get the ball back instead of lying on the floor rolling around in some fake pantomime, lol. Like you say just watch the tv.. i think it's obvious.

As for the topic of cheating yeah.. others have done it i mean, lol did you all see Denilson? how pathetic was that when he held his face at the corner flag. The point is if you are that deviant then you deserve to go out, the italians used to be the worst, and apparently spain are terrible for it too, but i haven't really seen spain play.

Take USA.. They are workhorses, cheating doesn't seem to cross their mind.. nor the irish or scottish or english.. ok well those i named are workhorses.. they take their time getting the ball rather than acting.. whereas english don't cheat but then they don't work either, lol. We just stand around and wait for the ball.. although i think we are finally picking the pace up a bit. Other examples would be sweden and holland and denmark, and germany too, look how they play.. they play football, not hollywood, lol.

The thing you have to remember duke is that it's the players who play the game and have people dig at them when they are dishonourable, and sorry but argentina have always cheated and acted, nothing you can say can disprove that. I didn't dig at your community and country, as it happens i've been to argentina and it's a nice place and we met a lot of argentinians and they were cool. So why would i dig at the country?

As for our fans? Well in the past yeah they have gotten way out of hand, but once again, it is in no way the majority, and we have delt with our problems of hooligans, have you guys delt with yours? every country has them. So really quit while your behind duke cause i'm sorry but i was not digging at your country or anything and you decide to take a wise crack at ours.. I was on about football, if you've got a problem and can't face it then i suggest you just quiet down, i'm here to chat about football, lets quit before you reply to this and start insult families etc... geez..

Back to the football and woohoo, :) England are in the next stage and we could be up against.. Brazil or Belgium... either way.. *Gulp* lol. It's getting really interesting. I hope USA, Ireland and korea and japan get through, :) pitty you can only have 1 winner in the end, there's so many cool teams, :) Infact Senegal too, they have been impressive. Looking forward to a load of great matches to come.

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Soul_ u r wrong about your remarks.

First, Argentina's team does not cheat, i've seen his campaings in the qualifications since i can remember. Even  when they beated my own country. Fair team with good players.

When Argentina beat England, with "hand of good", that was not fair, but you have to recognize that it was very smart, and that in a game is very important, besides u forget to mention that in the very same game, the best gol of the history happened and it was made by the same player. To all of you take a sec to watch this link, is the best action (that's what the FIFA said) in the history of the world cup.

open with Real Player :


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omg, i know it was a fantastic show of football, it was truely amazing and nothing can take that away nor would anyone want to, Argentina are a great team with a lot of skill, however, neither can you despute the fact they are cheaters... How can you defend against what they just did in their last match... one of their players ran into the box before the penalty was taken, the goal keeper saved the penalty but the guy who had run in first countered and scored, that is cheating. They always cheat.. that's my point.

You keep assuming i am ignorant about everything else but what has everything else got to do with argentina cheating.. the point is that they cheat... simple as that, are you gonna turn around and say they don't? If you turn and say argentina don't cheat then it shows a remarkable amount of ignorance to their football, and if you know they do cheat, then what is the despute?

In my opinion you lot have taken it way out of proportion. I said i was glad the cheating argentians are out.. and i am, cause i can't stand cheats... that's all..  What has that got to do with skill, goals they've scored, fans or whatever? Absolutely nothing that's what... Now are you lot gonna drop it? You really are being very very silly...

Lets get back to football.. geez..

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    Lol, I'm not sure if the US has ever made it past this round.  They are currently leadng 1-0 in their match against Mexico at halftime  :P  How about that?  Who's next.....Germany  ;D

    Maybe its possible to get a US vs. Senegal championship.  I'm not sure if the brackets are set up so that is possible, but I would like to see it.

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VICTORY!!!  2-0  The game was very ugly from prior soccer games I have seen (though that isn't many).  There was a ton of yellow cards and a red card for one very disgusting shot by a Mexican player....headbut right into someone elses head.  I think they were just pissed at that point.  The US ahieves its first win in an elimination game...ever.

I guess Germany will be a great test of how good they really are.

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Senegal plays bitchy???  Pardon me?  They rule!  They play very good!  One of them can easily outplay two or three of the enemy defense.

And of course I favour germany in the next round and I also think that a 3:2 win of Germany against USA is realistic.

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Problem is we're gonna play brazil next at its at 3 in the afternoon (japanese time) or 7.30 am here in england.

We're second favourites too win now,n unfortunately for us that is after brazil (d'oh).

I reckon whoever wins this match will win the world cup. I won't predict a score because both teams are world class. Its anyones game.

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heh I hate Senegal they play bitchy, nad to you two others yes Maradona was one of the greatest players ever, he as many others just couldn't handle the attention and now he's worn out junkie :P.

What !!!

Senegal plays damn good.

I am a fan of Senegal now.

GO Senegal GO !

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I think every english player is down on their hands and knees praying that we will win before it goes to penalties. Everyone knows what we are like at penalties... if you shift the goal 6ft higher.. we'd win ;D lol.

But seriously, i think we have a chance for once. We have a great defence going, a very strong back 4 and the midfield do their bit to help.. for once. All in all for once England are playing as a team.

Brazil have the greatest attack

England have the greatest defence

Brazil have a mediocre defence.. all their players prefer to attack.

England have a high standard attackng force.. when we don't use the long ball....

The game could go either way but although i am english and of course i would back england no matter what the chances were, but i do feel that we have a chance... so... English fans... Fingers crossed guys and don't spill those pints! :P hehe

On another note, i hope USA win their next match, :) I think they deserve it, they might not have such great talent as other teams have but they are workhorses, and that means a lot... I'd just be nice to see USA up there to the end for a change, :)

I just hope england don't come up against spain.. you guys seen on TV how dirty they are? Cheaters, i don't understand why teams need to cheat. To think it's on national tv... what losers..

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> On another note, i hope USA win their next

> match, I think they deserve it, they might

> not have such great talent as other teams have

> but they are workhorses, and that means a

> lot...

Heh? They play against germany next. And everything you said about USA is also true about Germany. I mean Germany didnt play that good, but they won because they worked hard for it. So whats the difference? Go Germany!

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I don't mean germany don't deserve to win, they do, they've played good, but i just would like to see USA win over germany simply because USA haven't gotten this far before, :) As for germany, well the whole world knows how good you guys are and you lot have won before, :) So if germany win i don't mind at all cause they are a good team and fair players. :)

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