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Hakr's Con's, Pro's, strategies

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The devastator is the heavest harkonenn unit. the other houses simply need to upgrade to get thier heaviest unit. Hark's have to build a starport to get a devastator out. That takes time.


Pro:best vehicles

con: not as good infantry as other houses

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well in emperor this is a bit less recognisable.. but if you've played dune2000 or dune2 you will find out that the greatest difference between the 3 houses is their "unique" unit, namely the devastator, deviator and sonic tank

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People, Pro's, con's, strategies.

Pro: Powerful anti-air

Pro: Best Superweapon

Con: Lack of Range

Con: Devastators need a starport to build

Strategie:Use a devastator as a decoy for a main attack.

Lack of range?

excuse me, Inkvines are the longest ranged unit in the game, and they rock against infantry, mainly mortars, kindjals, and big groups.

HArks also have missile tanks, which have awesome firepower and can outrange turrets.

They also have troopers, which have decent range for infantry, are cheap, and very effective against vehicles.

The units they have that have short range are obscenely powerful and/or armored (flame, devastators, etc.)

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