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  1. You shouldn't play it for hours, just a few minutes here and there.
  2. sorry, I just thought that the people at these forums were nice. All I want is gold. Jeese. What happened to the genorous?
  3. Please click on the link. By doing so, you will give me more money for this little game. Thanks alot. PS It isn't bad. http://go.everwars.com/play.x?p=1167
  4. I have a problem. I can no longer get to the nationstates forum board. Please help.
  5. So, you guys have any idea what the best rush is. My guess is that ordos is going to be the house you guys talk about. Oh, and are there any counters to that rush.
  6. :D ;D :D ;D :D ;D :D ;D Well, C&C Genarals is released today. Sweet. Now where to find $50...
  7. me and novspy played. his victory. novspy, i have never played against a rush. good job
  8. So, what do you think the best counters to units are. If you need to micromanage them, thats ok. Heres an example: Fremen-Flame tanks Minos-Gunships Devastator-micromanaged laser tanks
  9. Ok, me and Maud Dib played. I won. Maud dib, good game. YOu did good.
  10. I'll enter, though i'll lose in the first match. Nick: dukewest Time: Arizona, U.S.A GMT -7
  11. I've created a new clan. Please join. Email me at hankbaz@emai.com Ok, i've edited this message. If you want to join, just email. Sorry, i made a huge mistake. It wont happen again.
  12. So, which house has the best turrents. Ordos, of course, is out, cause they aren't good. But harks and atr has good ones. Who do you think? Artriedes. Period. 8)
  13. No, you don't often see deviators. Sadly, because they are extremely useful. Build enough, use them correctly, and you could have the enemy cower befor his own troops. I wish I could see them more.
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