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I wonder what Melege taste like.


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Does it have a cineamon or Paprika-esque flavor to it?

I think it would strike you as more... Pokémon.

Um... have you actually READ the books?

He [=Yueh] shrugged. "Futility." He glanced at her [=Jessica]. "Can you remember your first taste of spice?"

"It tasted like cinnamon."

"But never twice the same," he said. "It's like life—it presents a different face each time you take it. Some hold that the spice produces a learned-flavor reaction. The body, learning a thing is good for it, interprets the flavor as pleasurable—slightly euphoric. And, like life, never to be truly synthesized."

Alhamdulissani. rolleyes.gif

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Oh, this should be good... rolleyes.gif

(By the way, WTF is "melege"?)

Well, haven't you ever wondered? How does a female reproductive system produce melange? I remember my friends and I giggling about in back in the 80s.

Checked: No one from the Wiki clan has ever asked. Anything from the Jacurutu individuals?

I have thought (not very often), that since Frank introduced the concept in the 80s with Heretics and Chapterhouse, that he would finish it in the last book.

Just a postulation: We find out that the Tleilaxu can create melange from female reproductive organs. We find out that Matres con control their men sexually. The Bene Gesserit could control their own body chemistry. Maybe the next step would be that sisters could create their own internal melange, and pass it on to their offspring, creating humans who were already born melange-saturated. Born healthy, with ultra-long life, etc.

Too bad Brian and Kevin didn't think of it.

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The two must be inter-linked. I have often wondered, why didn't Frank say that women's reporductive organs could produce other products and chemicals, as well--just melange and gholas.

Even if the BG could internally produce spice in their reporductive organs (?) it would be something they would avoid doing at all costs since the repercussions would lead to their destruction. For example, the RM's had the ability to radically slow down the aging process, yet refused to do so since the population at large would soon be seeking after this ability also. The ability of the RM's to fight diseases also almost led to their extinction once the Honored Matres sought this secret for themselves. Perhaps the only individual would could safely produce melange internally without immediate danger was the God Emperor.

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It was the comment in the Dune books about spice tasting like cinnamon that made me try cinnamon in my coffee for my very own "spice coffee". I still haven't got blue eyes though...

Haha, it made me do the same at Starbucks... I got some really funny looks from my friends when they saw me mix it into my coffee then add more onto.

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You have to boil it together with the coffee or use a filter machine.

From Wikipedia:

The name cinnamon comes from Hebrew and Phoenician through the Greek kinnámōmon. In Malayalam, it is called Karuva. In Tamil, it is called பட்டை Pattai....In Sri Lanka, in the original Sinhala, cinnamon is known as kurundu (කුරුඳු)

And it is interesting that in the south of Sri Lanka where it is cultivated, the name of a famous tourist resort (surfing) is Mirissa. Definitely a Greek name (I suppose it was a trading colony much like other similar locations/ports in the area), and what a coincidence in Greek it literally means 'smell' (verb) - noun is μύρον = myrrh.

Now can someone provide an answer why 'Arrakis' and 'Spice'? How do these 2 suit? ;-)

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