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  1. “My Lord, Duncan has fallen asleep after having his fill of spice beer.” Nayla spoke into her com-link the God Emperor had given to her after Siaynoq. The Duncans are so predictable, Leto recalled how Duncan in a drunk stupor in Arrakeen had called his grandmother a traitor. Within Leto, Jessica chortled as she remembered how viciously she slapped Duncan's cheek. The Baron wanted to share how Duncan escaped Giedi Prime. Must keep that one in check, he still schemes to take over, Alia within warned. Yet, the Tleilaxu had created a holy accident in this Duncan. Somehow the Tleilaxu had
  2. Three DUNE Video Games are in Development and One is an Open World Multiplayer Title https://geektyrant.com/news/three-dune-video-games-are-in-development-and-one-is-an-open-world-multiplayer-title
  3. Alejandro Jodorowsky as Shaddam Corrino IV.
  4. Frank thought Star Wars ripped him off.
  5. The God Emperor crushed the inoperable lasgun replica that the 19th Duncan Idaho series ghola handed to him, rolling his cart back and forth over it creating a crisp crunching sound. In like manner, the face dancer's crumpled body laid beside it. Standing by the stairs, Moneo had already known what the outcome of this encounter would be. Rebels! I had once done the same,Moneo reflected. Now, Moneo noted in increasing alarm the signs in Leto. The Worm Who is God was near! Forsaking the stairs, Moneo instead opted for the lift. "What lesson can be learned from this lasgun. . . which is
  6. Video game? I'm hoping for a killer soundtrack, comfortably scored by Pink Floyd.
  7. Arnoldo_Fayne ‏@Arnoldo_Fayne Is it going to be split up into 3 parts like the LoTR series? Possibly a 4th film being a prequel based on PoD?
  8. Brian Herbert ‏@DuneAuthor tweeted “It's official -- Legendary Pictures has signed the very talented Denis Villeneuve to direct the exciting new DUNE series film project.”
  9. Apparently, Navigators of Dune will be out sometime in Spring 2016. I'm hoping we'll find out more about Norma Cenva's transfomation into the Oracle of Time.
  10. Will there be a new Dune book out in time for Christmas?
  11. A Romanian wiki cites that the author' name is Florin Chirculesu, who uses the pseudonym of Sebastian A. Corn , who also used one time the pseudonym of Patrick Herbert to write Dune 7: Brundurilor . Apparently, Dr. Chirculesu never quit his day job and continues to be a thoracic surgeon when not writing science fiction.
  12. "Cuz I didn't think Florin Chirculescu would mind if borrowed his title. ;)
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