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  1. Currently half way thru Road to Dune and I have to tell you, it doesn't feel like Frank's writing...

  2. Four hour drive today, and of course it's coming down like a satelite full of Richesian mirrors....

  3. I merely display a general garment and you claim it's cut to your fit? What a fascinating revelation!
  4. What's that called when someone posts with disdain, adding nothing to the discussion, while slandering people based on them not agreeing with what they consider to be good or bad?
  5. pg 146 Ace paperback at the beginning of the "Drunken Duncan" escapade...
  6. Jessica subtracts 21 minutes to determine Arrakis time.
  7. Fitting and quite like something an "Atreides" would do.
  8. Claro que si! Huevos es correctamundo!
  9. didn't Charles want to be Camilla's tampon at one point? Must run n the family...
  10. In my defense, when I shook the baby to make it stop crying, I didn't realize it would kill the kid. But also in my defense it did stop crying

  11. hater's gonna hate...

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