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  1. Well Miyazaki is a fan of Frank Herbert and got ideas for both his manga and masterpiece of a movie here. The Omnus creatures are basically like the sandworms and Nausicaa is Paul with tits, i gotta admit Nausicaa is quite hot for an anime chick.
  2. If Paul was killed then the Freman would get medieval on Feye, the Baron and everyone's asses for killing their beloved new leader.
  3. Oh yes bee-vomit is good and we all eat it, but i don't think worm vomit is that different than honey.
  4. So you new to the Duniverse? please read the other books to get into more of the story as you'll explore into more of it's stories including how Paul's son becames the new fastest thing on Mobius to Alia becoming a baddie.
  5. And face it, Baron Valdmire Harkonnen is a cross between Julius Caesar and Caligula combined in one as he is devious, political, greedy and has a questionable sexuality like those 2. Gotta love how Frank is a researcher of history and science when he wrote his masterpiece.
  6. Well yes there are similarities to the Pocahontas story since the Atreides and Harkonnens are settlers as Paul is basically John Smith and the Freman are the Indians as Harkonnens including the Baron consider Freman to be savages. Chani is basically like Pocahontas as Paul is a white man and Chani is a different race of person as they share an interracial love yet their cheifs of fathers don't understand them.
  7. Since Herbert has researched history and wars with that kind of thing, i bet he was influenced by these historical events: Caligula's reign for Baron Harkonnen and Geidi Prime disguised as Rome. Lawrence of Arabia for the whole story. The story of Pocahontas for Chani and Paul's interracial love story including wars of two races Any more references to world history in Dune?
  8. Of course and that it was a big story but to seperate it into three movies was logical! But Dune for the big screen needs to LOTR treatment.
  9. Well audiences have embraced two unique smart Sci-fi blockbusters like District 9 and Inception, so Dune would hit the target if it's 3 or 4 movies of the first book to do it justice. Afterall Lord of the Rings was unfilmable material at first, i mean Bakshi tried it but crammed parts 1 & 2 into one movie leaving it unfinished with Rankin-Bass to finish it off with their Return of the King movie. Now in 1995 New Line got the rights for the books to become movies and Peter Jackson accepted to do the project since he adores Tolkein's brilliant novels and wrote three scripts as WETA and Wingnut began working on the costumes and creature effects from 96 till 98 with casting in 98 then filming began for three movies at once in 99 till early 2003 as the films were released 2001, 2002 and 2003 to great audience, box-office and critical response with oscars of course.
  10. I'm sure Jake Sully might evolve into Kwisatz Haderech terroritory.
  11. Nope, just Dune but i am interested now in his other stuff.
  12. Listen, David Lynch is a good director but NOT blockbuster friendly and he was a gun for hire, i would have loved to see Ridley Scott's vision instead WHICH would have been EPIC as hell and more true to teh spirit of Herbert rather than Lynch's ego especially with the gross stuff and reasons i mentioned including that retarded raining ending that Lynch made up. On mentioning 1984 Dune and Showgirls, both are cult classics with Kyle only for people to watch them again and again to laugh at them. Sorry but i despise Lynch-Dune as much as McDune but i loved the mini-series and it's brilliant sequel. This reboot needs to be 3 or 4 parts since the book is very big and needs to follow in Jackson's footsteps of bringing a near unfilmable novel to the big screen. They just need to find a good director who loves the material and not for the money.
  13. The Modoshawans are similar to the spacing guild since they are wise and unique beings that know the keys of the universe, the Diva is like no one in Dune. But who thinks Jim Henson's Dark Crystal is also influenced by Dune besides Tolkein and Grimm's Brothers? you find similarities in it since Jim is a fan of Dune books.
  14. How about Duncan-Idaho Doughnuts or Duncan Hines cookies books?
  15. I'm a Duke Nuke'Em fan since i was a teenager and this is the game i've been waiting years to get made and it will deliver.
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