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When I first read DUNE, I felt...


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...that I really knew the characters. Frank Herbert had done such a good job in the conversations between the characters, and their inner thoughts, that I felt I knew them well. Even though Herbert was covering Science Fiction, it still felt real and believable.

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Well technically I felt confused because I read only the last few words and was wondering what kinda of sci-fi book ends with "history will call us wives.".  Then I read the whole book for the first time I felt.. in awe/love? I was mildly shocked by the end even though I had already read it, I wanted another chapter to magically appear so I could just keep reading.  Nothing quite like a really good book.

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I was awestruck. Before Dune I read some cheesy Star Wars novels and b-class crap. Dune was my first REAL sci-fi book and it swept me away. Since then, my mission is to read Dune in all the languages that I can speak/write. I reckon that French will be the most tough one yet.

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