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Gulf Oil Spill


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But the president of the firm said there would be no media restrictions. So it is fair to attack them on this point.

There is a difference between no-restrictions from press liaisons and letting any random nitwit from the company speak his opinion.

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Obama needs someone to divert the attention away from his own failings!  BP is 40% owned by Americans, and the rig itself was being run by a Swiss company, Transocean, and the drilling operation was also being run by American companies, and the equipment that failed was made by an American company.  BP will still be around when Obama is voted out of office.

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New picture of oil leak

Yesterday or so the thing over top of the leak had to be removed, so now it is leaking 20 million litres a day.

Then there is the judge who wants to overturn Obama on stopping new oil for now, and he owns oil stocks.

Judge who overturned drilling moratorium reported owning stock in drilling companies


BP ‘burning sea turtles alive’

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They did the same here in Greece: Economy is collapsing and whoever journalist predicts that the country will go bankrupt will be taken to court.

What is next? Maybe journalists disappearing in white vans like in Sri Lanka?

Welcome to 'democracy'!

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It's a joke.  Mostly expressing my derision at yet another apocalypse scenario apparently cased in scientific possibility.  Just you wait - this'll end up being the new 2012.

Oops, my bad. You're probably right about this being the new 2021 though. That is, if the story spreads around. Let's just hope it doesn't.

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Here is a more serious approach to the threat of a methane bubble:


Part of conclusion from above, for the 'lazy' who won't bother to check the link (even though it is recommended to read it):

as time goes by and the risk increases, this low probability high impact scenario ought not to be ignored, given that the safety and security of the personnel involved remains paramount.
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Its time BP left the Americas to clear up their mess, and stopped wasting money on trying to fix America's problem.


You do realize that if BP just up and left this whole mess, the boycotts in North America would worsen, and there would probably be greater sanctions on stuff like this to prevent it from being started. I wouldn't be surprised if the more conservative of us (and not a few of the liberals) proposed war on Britain for such an insult. No, no, no, I realize there are plenty of problems in American culture, but this crap on our coast is BP's problem.

Because if BP doesn't take care of this; in the words of a rapidly aging meme; consequences will never be the same.

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I know the thread is a bit old.

nevertheless it pisses me off, that it recieved so much media attention - when obviously (though it WAS and IS a disaster) there's alot of places around the world that are far worse off!

Take for instance the Niger Delta - Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it

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