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Thoxen's Atreides Brick Wall!


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It is interesting to note that this is readily adaptable by Ordos players, with some principal cautions:

  • Kobras have an apparently lower volume of fire than Minotauri;
  • you'll need more AA troopers than an Atreides player will need kindjal... House Ordos, after all, does not have drones; and
  • pay attention to your AA troopers; they will on occasion sally forth from cover - when this happens, be sure to put them back.

On the other hand, it is easy to keep 2-4 laser tanks nearby to back up those fortified positions - i.e. by sweeping in from a flank to distract that inkvine catapult.

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emprworm, how would you adapt this if super weapons came into play?  IT's a solid strategy, but say you have the Harkonnen or Ordos super weapons, even the atredies weapon, wouldn't that be a pretty big target because of their grouping and what not?

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