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  1. Well, i usually play Atreides, but decided to do the Ordos campaign for a change -- I got to the Draconis IV mission, built a huge army of 120 (!) Chemical Troopers, destroyed every tleilaxu on the map, but still lost the game 0_0 Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Yes, i once had 1 of my harvesters attacked by a few hark troopers, ordered the harvester to smash em, but then the stupid carryall came, picked up the harvester, and got shot down in mid-air by the troopers >:(
  3. So that's why i got 100% difficulty when i had 6 reinforcements and the enemy 0 : :-/
  4. Heh, seems everybody finds the same missions hard... Gunseng, Ordos home planet, vs Tleilaxu and Emperorworm :) For some reason, it's always harder if you DON'T battle on dune... xcept for the Caladan home planet mission.
  5. I like all strategies... brick wall works well :)
  6. Send them to a safe place near the enemy base in 5 groups of 3 infiltrators. make sure they all take a slightly different route. Most of the time 1 of the 5 groups explode, but the others survive. Then send them in 1 by 1. But it requires a lot of micromanaging, it's not a 'lazy' tactic...
  7. They retreated too for me... I didn't like that, so i loaded an old save and did it again... just built 20 thopters and destroyed everything... windtraps first, so they had no AA :)
  8. I like ornis... The atreides orni is much weaker, but fast. I like to exploit their speed by raiding the air defences first, or even put in lots of sandbikes to keep the gun turrets busy, and then immediately send in thopters. Works well against comp, works sometimes against human...
  9. Least seen unit? Projection of a yak :P
  10. Well, if you get hit by Chaos Lihtning and got many strong turrets IN your base (Gun turrets for example), you can sell a windtrap and be on low power until turrets are back to normal. :) Cheaper than selling turrets. (not good when you really HAVE to keep producing units, but most of the time your base is more important). Hawk strike is best in big tank v tank battles... Send in minos against ordos, enemy sends in laser tanks, Hawk hawk hawk, enemy army gone, and your minos can 'peacefully' walk into the enemy base :) Chaos Lightning is especially good against enemy defenses (units, turrets) Hawk Strike is good in big tank or Infantry battles Death Hand is good against enemy buildings Seems well balanced to me... But i hate enemy Chaos Lightning most...
  11. Yeah, sure... Building wind-traps with your beautiful GDI construction yard, so you can get enough power to build a Soviet research center... You need it so you can build NOD buggies with your Atreides Heavy Factory! ::) They won't do that. ::) ::)
  12. Worms eating harvesters? don't remember me... Once, in the Atreides mission where you start with 2 bases, I had about 8 harvesters... Started a massive attack on Harkonnen... Nearly succeeded... But heared ''worm attack' quite a lot... I thought some troopers or something like troopers were eaten, but when i came back, I had no money, and all my harvesters were eaten :( Sold turrets to get enough money... and was destroyed by a small hark raid :'( :'(
  13. Mission 4? Protect the fremen scietch and kill the harks? Just attack with your starting units, you can easily destroy the whole enemy base with ONLY the units you get at the beginning :) It's easier than mission 1 :)
  14. The one with the trap? It's mission 7. I 'm there right now... 5 rocket turrets at strategic places, and a few siege tanks + the starting units is enough to stop the first 2 hark attacks... build some more tanks for the third attack. By then, you should have finished your base. (not enough room for my ix center
  15. To avoid spam in a inbox u use, just sign up everywhere with an other email you only use for signing up for something online. Now my 2 !used! inboxes are completely spamless, and my special spaminbox is filled with 1% mail from forums etc. 49% porn 30% DEBT PROBLEMS? EARN $$$$! 10% YOU WON A PRIZE BLAHBLAHBLAH 10% FOR ONLY $29,90 YOU GET A FREE [insert product here]. the last one is weird. Don't ask me what they mean.
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