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  1. I've got norton 02, with all the recent updates and a network firewall, 128bit..i don't think we have ne viruses, the extensions still don't work when i change the to correct because then adobe says it doesn't recognize the file..which programs do you guys use when you open up your maps?
  2. all maps, including the ones i make myself, and any i dl from the map packs or just the maps you guys have in the vault.
  3. yeah, they all open fine, for all the graphing progs., but for some reason this map just won't open for me.
  4. If your soul purpose is just to protect your Fed's, then do the barrier, but put the sandbikes off gaurd, which yes, makes them totally usseless other than taking hits, but they won't run away..and if you feel like it, you could even keep them on a number, so as soon as the enemy is in range of the sandbikes, all you have to do is select them and hit the "G" button again, then the bulets fly.
  5. how do you mean..units range from 1-10hp (to keep things simple) infantry and the like rarely go above 2 hp while the big artillery pieces have 8-10..i did have it 25hp-200, but thats entirely too complicated. there are defensive buildings that your infantry can take a hold of such as a sand bunker or a gun tower, and you also gain money from capturing buildings already on the map..(such as a "Goldmine" or a "Mine", but i will be applying different names.) To enable you to build more units. You can have more than 25 units, but you are only allowed 25 on the map, you can trade units in and out on a "Docking Station", which is only located at four different places on the map, one for each player.
  6. I ran the defrag and the system cleanup, and it says all the files are in working order, how would i go about fixing this?
  7. It's based on turns..and the amount of movement points a unit has...theres infantry, vehicles, ships and air units....repair pads and whatnot, you keep track of hp and whatnot with a specially designed card, and its a little complicated, so no two year olds would be playing it, but i think thats what most RTS gamers want is something that makes them think strategically. In the game only 25 of your units are allowed on the map (1k squares on the map) and only five of one unit type, to avoid massing giant army's of just the strongest vehicles like you can in dune and whatnot. Heavy artillery peices, the equivilant to the mino or cobra, ar immovable, unless you have a trailer to carry them around in, this means even more strategy must be involved.
  8. but that's the thing, when i try to open it, it auto. brings me to adobe, which then says the file does not begin with %pdf..
  9. I have come up with an RTS (real time strategy) board game, and i think it is good enough to try to put it on the market, this game is similar in most aspects to the games that designers such as Westwood and Blizzard are putting out now, except is on a board game. I was wondering if anyone knew a company that is looking for something new and innovative to produce, and also, if the prospect of an RTS game sounds appealing, since the market that i would be aiming at is the market that Blizzard and Westwood are also aiming at. Thanks a bunch
  10. I dont have any other files that begin with %PFD., but adobe seems to open other files just fine, this does this everytime i dl a map or the map editor, is there a way i could change the file ending to fit what adobe needs to read it as?
  11. I saved it to my desktop, but when i try and open it, it still gives me the message "Error, file does not begin with %PDF." What can i do to open it?
  12. every time i try to dl a map or the map editor, it goes through the process and i dl the entire thing (under "Run this file from this location") When it finishes downloading, it opens Adobe acrobat reader briefly, then an error message appears containing something along the lines of "Error, File does not begin with .Bfd" How can i fix this or what steps should i take to solve it?
  13. sheesh, imagine if the hark stronghold was put into the hands of an advanced player online, that would be an impossible place to take out, or course, the ai sucks and i can't believe how easy that was.
  14. I was playin the AI and i dropped a deviator into his base, and it happened to land very near one of the AI's projectors, i started projecting his own devastators and killing everything...Great fun
  15. The games i usually see and play in are the 10-30k fisher plains games, no one really seems to be playing ne thing else, i build as fast as i can...First: i lay down my mcv towards the back of the base, then i build a barracks and upgrade it so i can pump out a decent amount of kindjals/snipers to defend against an early rush. I build a factory and upgrade that also so i can get a mino, then i go with a couple of mongooses. I build a refinery upgrade it fully, and build another one, all the while pumping out mongooses and mino's, but the opponent still manages to get things built ten times ahead of me, and usually rushes me in mid-game with 20-30 gunships, or if i am playing the atreidis, i get slaughtered with a mino-hoard (Minos, airdrones, mongooses and smaller anti infantry)
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