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Shields and worms

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The NIAB is also good to project, since it is fast andd has a nice weapon, even though it can't fold space. DON'T project the kidjal, mortar, Kobra, or anything that is best deployed, since projections don't deploy. Oh, and projected snipers are also very useful.

Anyway, we are deviating from the shield/worm topic.

Shields can be used in emp more because they seem to be very weak - ordos shields can be penetrated by a lot of bullets and similar. Therefore, the amplitude of the shield may not be enough to attract worms.  

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Only one thing is bothering me. If the greater shai hulud eat the Laser tanks.... Doesnt he get indegestion... I mean the tanks get gobbled up in one bit.. Not even exploded or anything, " Laughs while shai hulud slams riding Paul atreides with his gf against a Wall with a bloody splat... Lmao " Why doesnt the tanks just blow a hole in the Worms "Miles" Stumach and Scram... :D I doubt it that they have Strong Body acid anyways...  In dune2 it doesnt make a difference if your Unit moves or stands still alot of my units got eaten by those biatches :(    I dont have much problems with worms in Emperor though  (Must be my warm personality :D )

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