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  1. Fox_fives, you just have to become better at managing your sonic tanks dude. If they kill your own tanks you made the mistake! You can now also use this as a tactic against the awesome might of the sonic tank. See, the enemy uses the fact that a sonic tank shoots up his own. If you really are that afraid of the sonic tank killing it's own don't produce it or play the harkonnen!! (oops, they got flamers....might be to much micromanagement).
  2. yeah, but i like a rush of a horde. Then you can use my favourite tactic (it isn't good but looks cool) a lot of really fast units wich can move and fire or use hth attacks. One super rush with hundreds of 'em great graphics...This is the famous Zerg tactic from starcraft
  3. you shouls shoot with mitri infantri or buzzsaw, sandbike. a elite sardaukar does it in one shot. sniper take a longer time.
  4. I use the "airlift a Devastator" trick. Just put a few of them in the middle of a base. And those missile launchers are good to. Micromanagement is necassery tough. A missile launcher can kill just about any tank in one shot when he's a little experienced. And if you use two of 'em they get experience fast. Just remember to retreat after the kill...they die quickly. buzzsaws and flamer tanks are great to kill them infantry. And the assault tanks really only serve a punchbag for missile tank haters. But i'd rather lose a assault tank then a miss. tank. It's strange but i actuaaly like infantry
  5. Yeah, all the sonic units (sonics and fedaykin) are exceptionally good. If you manage them well. One sonic can really kill a whole lot with just one shot. And when they are elite they really pack a punch in one shot. I think they can even kill a devastator (which isn't experienced off course). The fedaykin pack a punch ass well on elite!!
  6. He, jaaaa dude. You have those expansions!! Great, could you make a iso file of it and transfer it to me with ICQ?? I have been searching for that FOREVER!!! PLEASE???????
  7. I have the game for more then a week loser, and I'm from the netherlands to!
  8. Oh, I remember one thing. In descriptions of the units, it says that the fedaykin are better then the warriors in Hand to Hand combat. But the only guys i know to use HtH combat are the elite Sar. and the contaminator. What's this?
  9. Oh, and in the book the sardaukar are pussy's compared to the fremen as well. In all the confrontations between the sardaukar and the fremen, the fremen win if you look at the numbers...even in the attack against the old and weak of the fremen.
  10. I just have to say this.... Fremen rule above any other troup in this game. Especially the fedaykin. I usually use them in groups of 4-5 and they kill anything!! Even when they are not experienced they kill anything in one shot (together that is). You just use hit and run tactics untill they get regenerative capabilities and then the real carnage begins. Also (and i'm surprised no one knows this), they get healed after they ride a worm on any level. Sardaukar are pussy's compared to the fedaykin. When positioned well before they shoot you can get the shots to get through multiple targets. The
  11. Yeah some speed would be cool...Then they'd be some kind of zealot from starcraft(strong and fast but non-shooting). I like that. And with the scout tactic you could have a real horde...and with the new shift-control command you could really get some damage done...hahahah
  12. No.. they shouldn't change anything about hose things guys. Sonic tanks have always have the tendency to blow your own army apart. That's where the player steps in to guide the sonics. And about the fedaykin, I think it's kinda fun that they don't kill their own. Makes them useless against their opponents fremen warrior. :), it only takes one shot....
  13. I think you should look more carefull dude. A lot of people have told that already
  14. What are you talking about. I had no problems with such things
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