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Ordos turrets

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Ordos turrets are good depending on how u use them. use a mix of ordos turrets together in this formation:

G=gas turret

p=popup turret

GPG      GPG     GPG     GPG

they can never get past your base if u add these:

AA=AA Mine

AA         AA        AA       AA        AA

GPG     GPG     GPG     GPG     GPG

AA         AA        AA       AA        AA

1 AA mine behind and infront.

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that is a idea but the ordos still dont have anti air turrets and the aa mine to me is not that good maybe you can counter enemy air force using aa tropers and the apc but that il not be enough for a air atack off medium scale remenber the cp dont use many air atacks but a human player does  ::) ::)

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can work but

but a human player is diferent he can suprised you

i sometimes do things that i am not expecting :-[ :-[

i paralysed a player before he could even get his hangar out by using EITS rush on him. just dodge the missile turrets. usually no one scatters mongeese within his base - Too Costly.

I destroyed his construction yard and factory. ;)

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I've checked the HP for each turrets.  Ordos gas turrets have as much HP as the MG and flame turret.  Pop-up turrets have as mugh as a gun turret.  The gun and pop-up turrets have only slightly more HP than the "low-end turret (gas, flame, MG).  Rocket turrets have way more than any.  Gas turrets are good only anti-infantry defense (because of their great range), but pop-ups have no range and no AA.  Their range is equivilant to the MG post and only slighly more than the flame turret, which doesn't say much.  Almost any vehical can outrange them, including the devastater.  They're also sitting ducks for gunships, and are way too expensive.  Sure, they're powerful if a vehical drives into their range, but that's the problem: their crappy range!  I've listed the turrets, in terms of range, shortest to greatest, below (I have tested this):

(shortest)Flame tower

               MG post/pop-up turret

               Gun turret

               Rocket turret

(longest)Gas turret

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