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Vanquishing Giedi Prime

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Guest Adam Kruglick

If you build an other base closer to thiers and defend it big time with rocket turets and gas turets it is good when they come to atack  ;) it hits them big time but it also gives them a different thing to atack not your big base.  But defending it is crutial.

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I had fun with this mission as well.  Step one, of course, is setting up your D; Kobras, backed up with APCs, AA troopers, mortar infantry and laser tanks, should make a nice unwelcome mat... don't forget to move them foward as the opportunities present themselves.  Speaking of AA units, keep a few in your base to discourage the gunships that will come calling.  A group of fedaykin can camp out along the enemy line of march to strip nuisance vehicles (missile tanks, inkvine catapults, Devastators) from the formations.  Bonus: use Ixian projectors to clone missile tanks inside your base as AA reinforcements.

Now, somewhere in the middle of the map should be a Harkonnen base along with a detention yard.  Capturing this is a good idea, because you then get not only the units in the stockade, but the ability to produce Harkonnen armor and air units (and a Hark MCV, so you can build their barracks and round out your infantry).

From there it's just a matter of clearing out the palace guards (Chaos Lightning helps, as do Deviators) and... for bonus points... seizing it, and its associated construction yard, intact.

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True? You resisted 7 AI players with hard & subhouses?

That's not so hard..

True u have to fight a more defensive fight at first and u will have some trouble defending the spice, but the AI also attack eatchother, so u just hold the lines tight untill u can deliver some serious firepower to ur enemies.

I play it alot, and I mostly end up playing all three houses and most subs. Man what an wellmixed army u then can build.....

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the best strat on geide is this/ first make wind,then barracks,then make 2 scouts and then go scout,hurry while that is doing make a fact,but while yta doin that make 4 cemical to block entrance so the enemy dont get scouts in to see what ur doin,next ur gonna make a ref upgrade it 2ice while ya doin that build about 10 dusties and, then upgrade ur fact and make kobs and then make about 4 kobs and then ur raedy to make a preety fast rush

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