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  1. Supremacy of House Ordos is the only consideration. Any other factor is trivial!
  2. Asdrubaal


    I got the game from Shai-Hulud... its actually super-dune, but the original does not work as well....
  3. A good way to take out the Harks, is to take out that base to the west, across the "bridge" and flank the palace. Then use infiltrators to destroy the main base, cuz you get several places to hide your infiltrators...
  4. Contaminators have a tendency to be followed by leeches... which sux
  5. Hehe, check this out: http://www.planetcnc.com/renegade/editing/overview.shtml I'm assembling a team already, any of those whom want to join, just msg me. A coder would be well appreciated! In the meantime, i'll start making a Sardaukar.
  6. Well, if there are some modders here, check the Emperor mod for renegade post....
  7. Asdrubaal


    err... this is the dune 2 forum. I ment the game Dune 2. it freezes before i get to play with the team i choose... which sux...
  8. Warcraft 3 is great... just great. The thing is that westwood is more like a hyundai factory. They shit out games, with decent quality, then they abandon it. Blizzard has an aura to their games.
  9. Perhaps.. and because someone wanted immortality...
  10. Unit is logical... employement contract should be proposed...
  11. Asdrubaal


    Yeah, when i choose a team. the game freezes... :P
  12. Plasma could easily not even harm a vehicle
  13. I dont think so.I think you worthship the very ground the Executrix walk on. In fact, i think you have written a entire lexicon about the Executrix and their descicions. You are so hardcore Executrix fan, that you would kill yourself before let them be insulted. Indeed, you find the speaker to be sexy...
  14. Okay, guess i whould wait for the full release.. and the eventual toolz
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